Your Guide to Women’s Motorcycle Gear

//Your Guide to Women’s Motorcycle Gear

Your Guide to Women’s Motorcycle Gear

Biker girl sits on a motorcycleJ&P Cycles makes it easier for you to look great and ride protected with dozens of top gear brands and styles. Before your rubber hits the road, gear up with these great tips.

#1. How much should I spend on motorcycle gear?

The more important factor here is how much you want to invest in gear. Sure, you want to look great and be comfortable, whether you’re driving solo or two up, but that doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice safety. Motorcycle gear has come a long way over the years, and now you can look stylish while protecting yourself from your lid to your toes.

If you ride ATGATT, here’s what you can plan to spend:

  1. Helmet – $75-$200 for the average motorcycle helmet, depending on what style you prefer — half-helmet, open-face, modular or full-face.
  2. Jacket – $80-$350 for the average motorcycle jacket — choose from leather or textile.
  3. Pants/Chaps – $100-$150 for most women’s leather pants and chaps on average. You can also find reinforced denim jeans for around $120.
  4. Gloves – $15-$90 for full-fingered or fingerless, leather or non-leather.
  5. Boots – $80-$150 for leather boots that come in a variety of shapes and styles.

#2. How do I find gear that fits?

Even if you don’t gear up from head to toe, having the right gear can make a big difference. Whether your choose to sport a vest or a reinforced leather jacket, full-fingered or fingerless gloves, or a half-helmet or modular, make sure you find the gear that was made for you. Use our website’s sizing guide to help you properly take your measurements. Select the sizing tab on the product page to find the right size based off your measurements.

#3. How do I know if my helmet fits correctly?

When you buy a motorcycle helmet, you want it to fit a little snug at first, knowing that it will loosen up and break in over time. Watch these helmet guide videos on our helmet page to help you find the right fit and style.

Leathers Fitted for You

Rain or shine, protect your arms, hands, legs and feet by suiting up in our leather motorcycle gear. J&P Cycles offers leather jackets, vests, boots and chaps fitted just for the lady biker from top brands like First Manufacturing Co., River Road and Roland Sands Design.

Leather Jackets

First Manufacturing offers several styles of ladies biker jackets like the shape accentuating ¾ length leather jacket. When First Manufacturing made this jacket, they thought of everything, from the scooter collar that fits nicely under your helmet, to the side seam zippers that open up at the bottom to keep the jacket from riding up when you’re seated and the small zippered pocket on the sleeve for keys, lipstick and other small items. This jacket also has a high performance insulated thermal liner for extra warmth.

“This jacket is absolutely wonderful. Exactly what I wanted and excellent quality,” said one customer who purchased this jacket.

Leather Chaps

Getting geared up has never been sexier. Accentuate and protect your curves with these women’s only chaps from First Manufacturing. Designed to hug your waist and hips, these chaps come with two fleece-lined hand warmer pockets on the thighs, mesh liner and three-snap boot cuffs for easy on and off.

“The chaps are well made leather, feels heavy but still soft. Great zipper and the snaps feel solid. I have seen other chaps on women that look okay. But these accentuate those curves…WOW,” a happy customer noted about these chaps.

Leather Boots

Whether your feet are on the gears or the pegs, having the right motorcycle boots will keep you safe and comfortable while out riding. Lace up these Paragon Leather Boots from Milwaukee Motorcycle Clothing Co. for comfort and style. The boots are made of full grain leather and include a side buckle with classic D-ring closure.

“I am VERY satisfied with these boots!!! They are light weight and are very comfortable,” said a recent showroom purchaser.

Leather Gloves

If you go down, whether you’re on your bike or a little ungraceful on your feet, what’s the first thing to hit the ground if you’re trying to catch yourself? Your hands, right? Protect your precious digits with genuine leather gloves from J&P Cycles. These Laredo Leather Gloves from River Road are made from genuine cowhide leather, and include a comfort gel palm pad to give you comfort and nerve protection on the longest of rides. They also include an adjustable strap with hook and loop closure to keep the warmth in and the breeze out.

Get Suited Up for Cooler Riding

Alright ladies, depending on where you live, it’s getting cold out there. Aside from throwing on your leathers, you might be interested to find out that there are heated options just for you!

Heated Jackets

Recently added to J&P Cycles’ lineup of heated jackets is the Gerbing Coreheat 7 Softshell Jacket. This jacket looks great and is available in several colors.  Conquer high speeds and strong winds with Coreheat7 Thermovelocity Protection. This jacket is battery powered, water-resistant and offers in-pocket heat control. It also allows you to trap the heat with telescopic cuffs and an adjustable drawchord.

Head and Neck Gear

Block the wind with our neoprene face masks from ZANheadgear. The Mardi Gas Face Mask is made of genuine wind and water resistant neoprene, is reversible and has an adjustable hook and loop closure. It’s ideal for use under your helmet and goggles. If you don’t like the full face look, you might want to check out our half masks.

“Really love this mask! Makes a huge difference with 35-40 degree wind in your face at 35 mph,” a rider said.

Keep your entire head, neck and face warm with these balaclavas from River Road, Schampa, ZANheadgear and That’s a Wrap.


Keep yourself warm from the inside out with baselayers from Schampa. Choose from pants, shirts and balaclava shirts. Schampa’s shirts are made for complete comfort while riding and include contour cut sleeves that help reduce fatigue. They also include a tapered extended back panel to prevent the shirt from riding up while you’re out riding.

“I wear this every time I ride. It is awesome. It’s comfortable and the hood is amazing! Totally recommend this for anyone who rides in cold weather,” said a pleased baselayers purchaser.

So ladies, no matter what you ride, when or where you ride it, gear up with quality motorcycle gear from J&P Cycles. With free shipping over $99.99 and top-rated customer service, we have exactly what you need to get out and ride!

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