You Can’t Purchase Chili This Good

//You Can’t Purchase Chili This Good

You Can’t Purchase Chili This Good

Here at J&P Cycles, most of our employees are a testament to the phrase, “We work hard and play hard.” So it’s probably not very shocking that we like to do fun activities on a company-wide basis, which is easier said then done when you have 250 employees in two separate locations!

Last week the Iowa headquarters hosted it’s First Chili Cookoff. Each department within the company became a team unto itself, with the department manager or supervisor serving as the team captain, and each team was tasked with bringing in their winning chili for a company-wide sampling.

It was fun to see how competitive the teams became. For weeks leading up to the big day, variations of chili recipes were being tested in an attempt to perfect a final product.

The day of the cookoff, a strong aroma of chili permeated throughout the J&P Cycles facility, as nine different variations of chili simmered to perfection. Between 11am and 1pm, each employee got a chance to sample each chili, and then voted for their favorite.

At the end of the day, it was the Purchasing Department who received the bragging rights for this year, but Human Resources wants you to know that they finished a close second.

Next up on the J&P fun calendar – the holidays, and lots of holiday goodies to consume!

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