Patrick Garvin riding SturgisMy stock motor Dyna sporting a 88” BONE STOCK Twin Cam motor may be the toughest motor I have ever owned. That is a fairly strong statement coming from me considering that I have predominantly owned sportbikes for the past 10 years.

A brief background on my personal motorcycle lineage, I started off on HD’s then started modifying them (even winning a horsepower shootout at the old AMI in Daytona) quickly moved onto no bar drag racing with sportbikes. Big bore, turbo and nitrous. To say I was jaded by horsepower was an understatement. Fast forward to present day and my everyday rider is a 03 Dyna.

Over the winter I sold my ZX10R and bought an old display bike of J&P’s. It had been sitting for five plus years and I had been kicking around the idea of getting back on a HD, so when the opportunity to grab the Dyna came up I couldn’t pass it up. I changed a few things on it, bars and risers, and basically put it on a diet, but largely left it alone. The CV carb that was on it was pretty gummed up and after a few attempts to clean it I gave up and used it as an excuse to throw a 42mm Mikuni on it (a favorite of mine). I capped it with a Zippers Performance Maxflow air cleaner. In addition to the carb and air cleaner was a bone stock Twin Cam with 15,000 mi.

If there is one thing that most people know about me is I am far from “easy” on the bike I ride, and I love to ride. And by ride I mean peg grinding rips through the twisties, burnouts and every other sort of general hooligan type behavior I can pull off. A fair amount of this behavior gets documented on various social media sites. And like most social media outlets the comments are always interesting to read. The trend surrounding most of these comments involve photos of me rippin and tearin around. Most say something to the effect of me blowing up my motor or that there is no way that could be done without a specially modified motor. Well I can assure you neither of those is true and here is the story of my month long flogging of my bike without even a hiccup of an issue.

Patrick Garvin Sturgis burn outIt started the morning of July 17, we set out for Sturgis from Anamosa, Iowa. Just like the past eight years I got up in the morning pointed it west and didn’t stop till I got there. Seven hundred and sixty-three miles done in the same day, most done in the blistering South Dakota heat at around 85 mph. I love the 75 mph speed limit and normally embellish a bit. The very next day I take a vacation day and set out to ride some of the best roads in America. Promptly dropping another 257 miles on the Dyna, not easy cruising miles like the day before though, these are corner ripping high RPM rolling on and off the throttle miles, a proper flogging. The following four weeks basically include more of the same. Every morning a 70 mile peg dragging rip through the canyons to start the day, again more high RPM rips and compression braking through corners. Then generally a photo shoot or a night ride to clear the cobwebs of the crazy Sturgis work day. It’s a great way to end the day on a high note. Sprinkle in nearly 20 burnouts (seriously) and equally as many hole shots capped by my buddy Eric turning the Dyna into a flame thrower during one of the most incredible burnouts in the history of Sturgis (you should really see the video).

After my 28 days of motorcycle debauchery, multiple back tires and putting 5,000 of the hardest miles I can imagine on a bone stock Twin Cam motor, not only did it perform flawlessly it didn’t leak a drop of fluid. I have ridden it almost every day since and it’s still purring like a tiger. Say what you want about the reliability of a Harley motor, but I for one am impressed with this little beast.