Women’s Gear Buyer’s Guide by J&P Cycles

//Women’s Gear Buyer’s Guide by J&P Cycles

Women’s Gear Buyer’s Guide by J&P Cycles

Women are the fastest growing minority segment of motorcycle riders and the industry is starting to catch on. In fact female motorcycle ownership for 2016 raised the bar with an all-time high taking 14% of the U.S. motorcycle ownership pie.

Women’s riding gear has also come a long way over the past few years. The sad selection that used to be women’s motorcycle gear was compromised of men’s gear shrunken down to size and with a pink sticker slapped on it. While there isn’t anything wrong with pink gear, it’s a big assumption to say that all women want to wear pink. Additionally our bodies aren’t just smaller than the average man, they are shaped different.

Fortunately today nearly every major manufacturer makes women’s gear that not only fits but actually meets our specific needs. Popular companies like Roland Sands Design, Speed & Strength, Scorpion and Black Brand Motorcycle Clothing make stylish, proper fitting gear that will protect you when you need it most.

Roland Sands Design

From custom bikes to parts and accessories Roland Sands Design is known for crafting unique products with the utmost quality.

Maven Black Leather Jacket 633-916


Maven Oxblood Red Leather Jacket 712-157


Vada Black Textile Jacket 691-234


Riot Black Leather Gloves 104-740


Gezel Oxblood Red Leather Gloves 104-766


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Speed & Strength

Speed & Strength is all about pushing the limits. They make gear that is built to withstand serious abuse. Their ladies line is cut perfectly and will handle anything you throw at it.

Smokin’ Aces Black Flannel 163-400


Smokin’ Aces Pink Flannel 177-486


Six Speed Sisters Black Leather/Denim Jacket 752-588


MotoLisa Reinforced Denim Jeans 723-634


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For the last decade Scorpion has been dedicated to offering high quality, innovative motorcycle helmets and apparel at an unbeatable price. They have listened to the needs of women riders and created gear that is cut specifically to trace a woman’s natural frame and offers uncompromised protection.

Catalina Brown Leather Jacket 743-928


Maia Black Mesh Jacket 745-217


Maia Black Mesh Pants 745-226


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Black Brand Motorcycle Clothing

Black Brand is new for 2016 but they have quickly gained approval from bikers across the nation with their new lineup. This audacious brand has both attitude and the spirit of authenticity with names like the “Sheared Beaver” women’s jacket.

Sapphire Black Leather Jacket 754-063


Sheared Beaver Black Leather Jacket 755-317


Seraph Black Leather Vest 754-036


Crystal Black Leather Gloves 754-797


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