Winterizing Your Motorcycle

//Winterizing Your Motorcycle

Winterizing Your Motorcycle

In a perfect world, everyone would have the opportunity to live in a climate that allows them to enjoy riding motorcycles year round. For those of you that have to store your bike away for the winter — which we suspect is far too many of you reading today’s post — there are several things to consider when preparing your motorcycle for storage. As you’ll see below, a solid approach to storage preparation can prevent safety issues and unnecessary expense when your bike emerges from hibernation and the riding season resumes.

J&P Cycles is committed to helping riders maximize safety and reduce unnecessary expense. The following tips and subsequent video provide the information you need for successfully storing your motorcycle for the winter.

  • Finishes: – Before you put your motorcycle in storage, clean, detail and visually inspect it. You will be surprised what you find when going through this process. Loose bolts, hanging wires, and even missing parts, can all leave you on the side of the road during your first ride of the spring.
  • Fuel: Stabilizing your fuel is essential when storing your motorcycle for the winter. Fill your tank completely and apply some type of stabilizer to prevent old fuel from reeking havoc on your fuel system.
  • Oil/Service: Start by changing the oil and lubricating all moving parts. Starting with fresh oil in the winter will prevent contamination and potential engine damage.
  • Tires: Visually inspect your motorcycle tires for uneven wear or defects, and of course, be sure to check your tire pressure. If you do have tire problems, it’s best to know now, while you’re in a position to shop for and replace them before spring rolls around.

Extra Tip: If possible, lift your motorcycle off the ground during storage, because doing so prevents the development of flat spots on the tires. If you don’t have a lift, moving the bike around during the storage period will help in preventing flat spots.

  • Battery – Maintenance is the key to making sure your motorcycle fires up when your riding buddy calls on the first nice day of spring. Remove your battery from the motorcycle, store it in a dry and cool place with a Battery Tender on the battery. Most of today’s battery tenders have a processor which will turn on and off during operation to prevent over charging and keep the battery charged to 100% of its capacity.
  • Security: Lock it up or risk losing it. Seriously! In 2008 alone, a total of 60,763 motorcycles were reported stolen in the U.S. There is nothing worse than waking up to a warm spring day and finding your motorcycle has been stolen. Simple steps to prevent theft can go along way in keeping your pride and joy in your garage.

Lack of planning and preparation for winter storage could lead to serious safety issues in the spring. Watch the following video for additional instruction on preparing your motorcycle for winter storage.

As always, if you have questions or want to research parts and accessories for your bike, don’t hesitate to call J&P’s technical support staff (1.800.397.4844) or chat with a J&P technician via Live Chat.

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