Winging Into Action – J&P Cycles’ 2011 Gold Wing Catalog

//Winging Into Action – J&P Cycles’ 2011 Gold Wing Catalog

Winging Into Action – J&P Cycles’ 2011 Gold Wing Catalog

It’s pretty hard to improve on perfection, but our second-ever Gold Wing catalog makes it two winners in a row — and it didn’t hurt at all that we added 16 new pages of everything Wing. This is a fairly new publication for us, and in fact, it’s only the second time we have produced a Gold Wing-specific catalog. The Powers That Be here at J&P were so pleased with the way everyone received Volume I they decided to keep it going. Good decision!

The 2011 J&P Cycles Gold Wing catalog has expanded its selection of clothing and helmets with new product from Alpinestars, Tourmaster, Shoei, and Nolan, just to name a few. The new Tourmaster Transition Series 2 Jacket is offered in both men’s and women’s with five color styles from which to choose.  This jacket features a 600-denier Carbolx and Ballistic Polyester shell and has waterproof zippered three-position shoulder vents. The new N90 N-COM-compatible helmet by Nolan will cover all your comfort and communication needs. This is a modular helmet with a built-in sunvisor in addition to a clear visor on the outside. And the interior has a removable anti-microbial hypoallergenic liner that is washable.

Our audio section was also expanded this year for anyone looking to pump up the volume on the stereo or to mount your GPS. There’s a new set of 4-inch coaxial speakers from Cycle Sounds that boosts peak wattage to 200 — and as if that wasn’t enough, you can get them with their new Power Pucks. The Power Puck is a mini inline amp that attaches to the back of the speaker, enabling you to adjust gain and tone to personalize your sound. Now, if you’re hankering to bring your phone or GPS along for the ride, we now carry Ram Mounts for just about any device out there. Need some power for that device? Powerlet and 3BR Powersports provide direct-to-battery charging options for USB ports or cigarette lighters.

Looking for more chrome? Who isn’t? You can find enough of the shiny stuff in our chrome accents or cockpit sections. Pretty near everything you need to bling your Wing. Just for example, Kuryakyn has come out with an outer fairing accent that serves for fashion, function and fun. These wonders add edgy scoops to the edge of your fairing and they look amazing. In addition, they prevent your legs from banging into the sharp fairing edge. And you must check out pages 78 and 79 in the cockpit section to learn about dipping your controls, dash, and console in chrome.

We haven’t begun to cover everything that appears in this magnificent mag, so you’re just going to have to pick up a copy of the 2011 Gold Wing catalog for yourself. We’ve even made that easy for you. Just request a 2011 Gold Wing Catalog online or stop by one of the many events we attend.

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