Every day, servicemen and women around the world wake up in faraway places.  And in the years since 9/11, many of them serve in dangerous places (most notably Iraq, Afghanistan and most recently, Libya). When J&P Cycles heard about the movement to wear red on Fridays as a show of support, we were all over it.  Last Friday, our two locations took photos of employees wearing red. We had more than 120 J&P Cycles’ employees take part.

If you’re not familiar with the Red Shirt Friday movement, here’s their mission:

The mission of redshirtfridays.org is to show support for our servicemen and women. We are not a political organization. We do not care whether or not one supports or does not support the war. We care only about making our support of our servicemen and women known to our fellow Americans and the world. We are a silent majority that does not wish to remain silent any more. We need to let our servicemen and women know we support their sacrifice and we will not forget them and we will do this by wearing red on every Friday.

All over the country, organizations and companies are joining and showing their support for our troops, and J&P Cycles is proud to be among them.  We would also encourage you, your company, your motorcycle club, your church, your friends and family to support our troops by going to http://redshirtfridays.org and seeing how you can get involved. Showing our support by wearing red one day a week is the least we can do for the men and women serving in our armed forces.

To those of you who are serving or have served, or have loved ones that are serving, we appreciate more than these words can ever convey the sacrifices you have made and continue to make to do your duty. Please know our thoughts and prayers are with you as you put yourselves in harm’s way in an effort to carry out the mission you have been assigned.