Here a few weeks ago, Mother Harley brought out this year’s new models.  Across the board there are relatively few surprises except on the new Ultra Classic and the new Tri-Glide. A few years ago, I saw where the Harley Davidson Motor Company applied for a patent for water cooled big twin heads. Well, this year they are putting those puppies to use. The top of the line Ultra Classic and the Tri-Glides are the first official “Waterhogs” sporting two small radiators mounted in the fairing lowers in the highway bars. An electric water pump is mounted where a conventional oil cooler used to mount. Adding water cooling does not leave enough room up front for an oil cooler (I’m not a fan of this).

Water cooled 1

The way the radiators are placed is supposed to direct the heated air away from your legs. I would certainly hope so! I suppose I’ve known since the advent of the V-rod that water cooling was coming down the pike, but it’s a bit of a shock that it is now here. What do you think? We are asking your opinion of the new “Waterhogs”? Is there any hope for future Harley models?

Water cooled 2





Is this the finish of Harley as we know it?

If interested in all the details of Harley’s new models, they have a very nice presentation on their website, titled “Project Rushmore.”