Veterans Day 2014

Veterans Day 2014

Military Veterans Holding Flags in ParadeScott here again, it’s the beginning of November…daylight savings time just reverted, it’s going from cool to downright cold and Thanksgiving is just around the corner. Another thing November brings us is Veterans Day. In the past, I’ve blogged about the origins of this holiday. In posts, I have highlighted how I joined the service and became a veteran myself. Today I’m going to talk about what this day means to me, and why.

So I don’t cover the same ground I have in the past, I’ll just briefly say that joining the service was the single most important, and life shaping event that I have ever done. Every year, I look and listen as our nation honors all who have entered the defense of the American way of life and am saddened. The great warrior nation that at one time was our military is aging rapidly and soon will only be a memory. My father served in World War II. In his 80’s, he passed almost 10 years ago. Veterans of the 2nd Great War are becoming scarce. Those who served in the Korean Conflict are likely in their 80’s (maybe older) now. Vietnam, that cursed place, ended 39 years ago. I served at the tag end of Vietnam, and while I’m not old, I’m closer to retiring than I like to think about.

I’m not ignoring the efforts of Vets who have served after Vietnam. Their taking up arms and following the footsteps of earlier warriors and have had a heavy price to pay as well. The very fact that they have picked up a rifle and placed themselves in harm’s way makes them special and deserving of our thanks. That’s what Veterans Day is all about. We need to honor all who have done their part to keep freedom free and are still here! We have a holiday at the end of May to honor those who paid the ultimate price and are not here to accept thanks.

As I end this, I would like to wish a Happy Birthday to every Marine past and present…as I am penning this post, the day is November 10, the 239th Birthday of The United States Marine Corp. Uuuuhh Rah!

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