V-Twin Tire Buyer’s Guide 2016

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V-Twin Tire Buyer’s Guide 2016

You can have your cake and eat it too with these high mileage and premium performance cruiser tires.


Dunlop American Elite

AmericanEliteThe Dunlop American Elite for Harley-Davidson is proudly designed, tested, and manufactured right here in the U.S.A. The American Elite is the premier aftermarket choice for Harley-Davidson riders looking for tires that can last for miles. Thes tires have an innovative Multi-Tread rear tire compound that incorporates a long-wearing compound in the center of the tire. For great handling Dunlop added a lateral-grip compound on each shoulder. The sidewall design proudly features the American Elite name, Made-in U.S.A. logo, and Multi-Tread logo. Available in a variety of sizes and sidewall styles, including black, narrow white sidewall, and wide white sidewall.

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Metzeler ME888 “Ultra mileage. Metzeler performance” 

ME888Made specifically for your custom touring bike the Metzeler ME888 offers an ultra high mileage package with premium performance. Metzeler uses an innovative belt structure with a single ply of steel cords wrapped around a radial carcass. This reduces the dynamic deformation of the tire under centrifugal forces giving the tire excellent high-speed stability. With uniform heat distribution the tires have a more uniform wear and mileage is increased. Also the “Metzeler Advanced Winding” offers optimum spacing between cords of the steel belt for consistent performance. On both front & rear tire the spacing is wider in the crown area for more elasticity and self-damping. There is increased stiffness in sections of the tire used during mid lean to support fast cornering.

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Avon Cobra

CobraWith the Cobra you can get the legendary mileage associated with Avon Touring tires with all new levels of performance. Don’t leave style out of this equation Avon has introduced a unique snakeskin sidewall to compliment the Cobra logo and tread. This new stylized tread design balances the needs of rapid water dispersal as well as tire stability and maximum resistance to wear. This incredible stability and longevity make Cobra the perfect touring tires.

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Pirelli Night Dragon GT

NightDragonGTV-twin riders demanding grip and aggressive performance this tire was made for you! The progression of suspension for V-twin bikes has made a new demand for ultra performance tires and Pirelli has answered with the Night Dragon GT. This tire was made with a high performance exclusive design of its contact patch. The new shape and larger dimension allows the use of new compounds that provide pressure distribution and unmatched riding comfort. In wet conditions the tread groove pattern ensures draining so you can keep grip no matter what.

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Shinko 777 H.D. Reflective Sidewall

777ReflectiveThe Reflector by Shinko is the next evolution in motorcycle tire technology. Completely inconspicuous until light hits the reflective material on the sidewall, but when it does the sidewalls light up so you can be safe and be seen. The technology doesn’t stop there, with a newly re-designed reinforced carcass this tire has a higher load rating and higher mileage. The heavier belting provides ample load capacity while also giving more stability and a longer life.

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Michelin Commander II

CommanderIIMichelin is setting a new standard in regards to wet weather grip performance, durability, maneuverability, and stability with the Commander II. Michelin can take you twice as far as their closest rivals, a new standard in cruiser tire longevity. Michelin uses Amplified Density Technology: a high density, more rigid tire casing, which helps deliver unprecedented feedback and handling. Aramid read plies on the rear tire resist centrifugal growth, reduce weight and provide excellent stability. An all new rubber compound makes for remarkable wet grip, without compromising durability. The square bead wire package improves casing rigidity, handling and ease of installation.

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