Two Must Have Items for Your Garage

During our usual Tuesday get-togethers here on the J&P Cycles blog, we like to tell you about the new pieces of swag you can score for your ride. That includes bagger bling, performance parts, motorcycle luggage or other must-have motorcycle parts that the guys and girls here at the world headquarters have scoured biker-land to find for you. I’m just sitting here, with “Radar Love” blaring in my headphones, staring at my computer screen full of J&P goodies and trying to decide which two gems I want to present to you this week. I’ve come up with a pair of goodies, but be warned: Neither is sexy. But both parts are essential. So listen up.

The first thing you should have — and frankly I’m a little surprised you didn’t think of this yourself — is an owner’s manual. It should have been your first purchase. Like maybe 15 seconds after you bought your bike. You can save yourself a lot of pain and heartache by taking a peek inside once and a while. A good repair manual — especially one purchased way after the fact — will help you fix the original problem and everything you’ve managed to do to make it worse. Don’t believe me? Then take a quick peek at the blog post written by Kody Wisner on this very topic.

Item Number 2 is a simple — again, not sexy — device that should be a staple in every garage that houses a motorcycle. This rolling seat is the perfect place to squat while you peruse your new owner’s manual. It’s also a comfortable place to perch while wrenching on the scooter or just having a cold one and contemplating the mysteries of life. This little rolling wonder will be your new best friend when it comes time to turn wrenches.

So, now that I’ve brought these two items to your attention, I’m betting that you agree these are the responsible things to purchase for your garage. The key word here is responsible. Especially when you’re trying to sell this notion to your better half.

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  1. Anonymous June 17, 2011 at 7:02 pm

    Not all garage door openers may suit all door types. Although the sectional type seems to have been a popular selection earlier, now the sectional type is the most common.

  2. Lady Hog July 26, 2010 at 1:22 pm

    You’re right on track with the manual, I still prefer my original 91 HD manual, grease prints, binding duct taped, and long past the dog eared stage. I have my notes and color stickies all through it. My best friend biker buddy bought me the latest Clymer FLH 85-98 for Christmas. (still prefer the original). I use my rolling garden seat wagpn when I work on the bike. It has 4 wheels. Reeeeelly want the coaster w/the tray.
    Hmmmm! Maybe this Christmas!

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