Often, we bikers get so wrapped up in adding air intakes, cams, big bore kits or any other number of chrome covers, that we tend to overlook possibly the most important set of components on our bike — the brakes.  Since brakes are often the last line of defense against motorists, wild animals, or just an over active throttle hand, its only natural that you should want to arm yourself with a state-of –the-art brake set up (something that performs at or above your expectations and has the looks to match). With that in mind, were taking some time today to about Performance Machine’s Brakes and Goodridge lines.

PM Chrome CaliperPM Black Caliper

When it comes to motorcycle brakes, it doesn’t get any better than Performance Machine Calipers. An industry leaders in manufacturing standards and methods, Performance Machine offers everything from 2- and 4-piston rear calipers, to 6-piston differential bore front calipers with monster stopping power. CNC’d (which is a fancy way of saying “computer numerical controlled)) from solid chunks of billet aluminum, these best-selling calipers are available in polished, chrome and anodized black/contrast cut finishes. Bolting on a set of will not only stop your bike on a dime but it’ll look good doing so.

Goodridge Black Brake LineGoodridge Chrome Brake Lines

If you’re beefing up your brake system, you may also want to replace your stock brake lines with a set of Goodridge Brake Lines. Pressure-tested to 14,000 psi and guaranteed forever by the manufacturer, these are — in my opinion at least — quite possibly the highest quality and most attractive motorcycle break lines available.

If you’ve never owned a set of stainless brake lines then you don’t know what you’re missing. With the installation of these race track inspired lines, you’ll experience an unmatched feeling of control and responsiveness while taking the “fade” out of your brake system under hard braking. Available in clear-coated stainless steel and black anodized, Goodridge Brake Lines make the perfect compliment Performance Machine Calipers. This dynamic duo will have you stopping on a dime without so much as a skid mark.