Two for Tuesday: Sedona’s in a Groove With its ATV and UTV Tires

//Two for Tuesday: Sedona’s in a Groove With its ATV and UTV Tires

Two for Tuesday: Sedona’s in a Groove With its ATV and UTV Tires

Fall sneaked up on us again this year, leaving some of us procrastinators hanging in the wind as ATV season gets into full swing. Like maybe purchasing those new tires for your machine that you swore you’d replace over the summer. Now’s the time for you to start researching what’s out there and you might as well start with Sedona tires.

Sedona is the fastest-growing ATV tire brand in the industry, with models available for almost any demand, and a size to fit almost any machine. And they can be had for prices that are easy on your budget — all without sacrificing performance and durability.

The Mud Rebel is Sedona’s all-purpose, all-terrain tire. It features an aggressive tread design with self-cleaning lugs, and six-ply construction. There’s even a series of lugs integrated into the sidewall to aid in traction in those deep ruts. All these features make the Mud Rebel the perfect choice for the mid- to larger-size utility machine.

The Rip Saw is Sedona’s extreme tire and it’s available in a radial. It features an extremely deep inch-and-an-eighth tread pattern, six-ply radial construction and a self-cleaning design. The Rip Saw is the perfect choice for mid- to larger-size machines that demand aggressive tires.

Have a larger machine, or a UTV? Need a radial that will not only handle the demands of extreme terrain, but will run smoothly on harder surfaces? The Buzz Saw should be your choice. It’s designed exclusively for today’s large ATVs and side-by-sides. Its aggressive tread design, radial construction and high-grade rubber compounds ensure that this tire can handle anything you toss its way.

How about for a sport machine that you trail ride or race only on occasion? The Bazooka features a long-life tread design exclusively for sport quads and smaller utility machines. And its unique rubber compound is at home on the track as well as in the woods.

Here’s the thing: If you decide to go with Sedona tires, you can pretty much be assured of getting a top-quality product at a price that won’t leave you strapped. What we know is that the performance and durability will impress you. We call that value. And you owe it to yourself to explore what Sedona value is all about.

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