Two For Tuesday: Rivera Primo Lights the Way with the RFB and Keeps You Safely in the Saddle with the Stiffy

//Two For Tuesday: Rivera Primo Lights the Way with the RFB and Keeps You Safely in the Saddle with the Stiffy

Two For Tuesday: Rivera Primo Lights the Way with the RFB and Keeps You Safely in the Saddle with the Stiffy

Rivera Primo LED HID HeadlightOnce again it’s time for Two for Tuesday, a regular feature here on the blog where we introduce two more can’t-miss products. This week we’re pleased to highlight (pun intended) products from aftermarket industry juggernaut Rivera Primo.

In the world of motorcycle lighting, it doesn’t get much better than the Rivera Primo RFB HID (High Intensity Discharge) light (J&P Part # 310-578). For the uninitiated, HID lighting is a type of lamp which produces light by passing a…. okay, I was going to go into a long explanation of HID lighting but long story short, it’s as bright as the sun bouncing off a chrome gas tank (if you really want to know the specifics of it, Google it). The RFB light is encased in 10” long chrome housing with the 4 1/4″ light surrounded by a patented LED ring that can be used for running lights or turn signals. So to recap, not only do you get a light that emits a bluish white light matched only by the sun itself or a welding arc, but you also get to clean up the front end of your bike by ditching those goofy stock front turn signals for the super clean look and functionality of an integrated LED.

Next up from Rivera Primo: The Stiffy (Swingarm Stabilizer Bushings)  — Rivera Primo StiffyJ&P Part # 700-188), a little marvel that truly lives up to its name. If you have ever experienced the instability that comes with the rubber mounted FL models (from 1980 – 2008), then you’ve probably been mid-corner on your bagger and had a wiggle come through the swing arm that made you clinch up in a way that made you question your mortality or maybe just  significantly adjust your corner entry speed. There are more than a few ways to combat this problem but none is more cost effective than Rivera Primo’s. For less than $110.00, you can make your ride safer and more enjoyable, all in less time than it takes to brush your teeth.

Be sure to check back next Tuesday when we’ll feature two more items from the J&P Catalog.

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