Two for Tuesday: Progressive Bagger Suspension and an Unbeatable Deal

//Two for Tuesday: Progressive Bagger Suspension and an Unbeatable Deal

Two for Tuesday: Progressive Bagger Suspension and an Unbeatable Deal

In today’s Two for Tuesday post, we’re choosing to focus on a combination of products offered by Progressive Suspension (which just so happen to be offered at an exclusive price that’s only available from J&P Cycles).

It almost goes without saying that everyone wants a low and mean stance for their bagger. Whether you’re vertically challenged or just want to look cool, you probably face the same challenge: If you simply throw a lowering kit on your bike with stock shocks, the quality of your ride will suffer. (In other words, as soon as you load gear and your old lady on the back of your back, that scenic byway you used to love to cruise down will feel like your riding down railroad tracks).

Enter Progressive Suspension’s 940 Ultra Touring Shocks, which are specifically designed to deliver a smooth-as-glass ride at a 1″ lowered stance. Built around Progressives’ “Best in Class” IAS technology, the 940s utilize all the suspension travel provided by these 13″ eye to eye units, and at the same time provide a 1″ lowered ride height. The unique Ultra Touring spring combination delivers a lowered ride height while it’s being ridden, as well as when it’s on the side stand.

Where’s the deal in all of this you ask? Well, that’s in the second part of this week’s Two for Tuesday equation. When you purchase a set of the 940 Ultra Touring Shocks, J&P Cycles’ will include a Progressive Fork Lowering Kit FREE. (By the way, that’s a $118.00 value; who says there’s no free lunch?). Progressive Suspension’s Fork Lowering Kit includes components to drop the front end 1 or 2 inches. Precision-wound from high quality chrome silicon wire, this progressive rate kit carries a lifetime warranty and is the perfect compliment to the 940.  Together, Progressive’s 940 Ultra Touring Shock and Fork Lowering ensure you get the low, custom look and smooth ride you’re looking for, but don’t sleep on this deal for too long because the free offer expires at end of this month.

About the Author:

Patrick Garvin began his stint with J&P Cycles at the start of 2008 after doing some installs for us at Daytona and Sturgis for two years. Currently, Patrick splits his time between the eCommerce team and purchasing, finding new and exciting products for our website and catalog. When he’s not at his desk, he’s zigzagging across the country with J&P’s event crew. Patrick has an obsession with going fast on just about anything, a trait he shares with his 6-year-old son Race. You can usually find both of them wrenching in the garage or ripping through the fields on dirt bikes. Emma, his beautiful wife of 7-plus years, puts up with his antics and keeps his head screwed on because he certainly wouldn’t be able to find it without her.


  1. Alexander Wenisch January 27, 2010 at 7:11 am

    Can i use the 940´s in my 2007 Screamin eagle road king ? As a matter of fact, the bike is lowered originally but is very hard when my ol´lady is aon board.

    • Patrick Garvin January 27, 2010 at 8:38 am

      Alexander, you can definitely use these on your Road King. And you will notice a night and day difference in your two-up ride quality. Here’s a video from Progressives own Pat Lovero for a little more info

  2. John McKinney January 19, 2010 at 12:03 pm

    So does this mean I can lower my 08 Street Glide with this kit? No other parts needed?

    • Patrick Garvin January 19, 2010 at 1:51 pm

      John, the front end kit will lower your FLHX but since the Street Glide is lowered from the factory the 940’s won’t lower the back. But it will give it a better ride.

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