Two for Tuesday – Make Some Noise with Pro Pad Mini Beast Air Horns and J&M Speaker Upgrades

//Two for Tuesday – Make Some Noise with Pro Pad Mini Beast Air Horns and J&M Speaker Upgrades

Two for Tuesday – Make Some Noise with Pro Pad Mini Beast Air Horns and J&M Speaker Upgrades

Pro Pad Mini Beast Air HornWe’ve all been there, cruising along blissfully when a Buick the size of an aircraft carrier starts drifting into your lane un-announced or a little compact car whose driver is chatting away on a cell phone starts to turn across traffic in front of you without so much as signaling their intention. Short of evasive maneuvers and creative gestures, you can be left feeling kind of helpless. Enter the Pro Pad Mini Beast Air Horn — the little dynamo that delivers a 128-decibel blast sure to awaken the most oblivious of motorist. The Pro Pad Mini Beast Air Horn is available in five different designs and three different finishes which are sure to fit the theme or design of any bike. And installation is beyond easy… the unit is completely plug-and-play and comes with everything necessary for an easy installation.

J&M Front SpeakersWhile were on the subject of making noise, J&M Corporation has come up with a awesome way for your 1998-2010 Street/Electra/Ultra Glide to make a lot of it. J&M’s new 7 1/4″ fairing speaker upgrade is the largest diameter speaker you can slam into a BatWing style fairing, and comes complete with cone volume and mass compatible with a 6×9 speaker. These 140 watt, 8 ohm bad boys are the ultimate in bass response, extended mid-high frequency range and raw power! And if that’s not enough, J&M offers a 5 1/4″ rear speaker upgrade to round out your system. Both feature waterproof injection molded polycarbonate woofer, high flux but light weight neodymium magnet and high efficiency voice coil.

What does all that mean to you? It’s LOUD! Once again, these units are plug-and-play for your installation convenience and include all the necessary hardware for installation (and they even come with acoustic foam pads to tighten up bass and improve overall fairing audio resonance).

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