Two for Tuesday: Avon Grips

//Two for Tuesday: Avon Grips

Two for Tuesday: Avon Grips

It almost goes without saying that in the world of motorcycling, style and comfort do not share the same address. As a result, some of the parts on your bike (i.e., those that you have the most contact with: the grips) fall prey to style vs. comfort decisions. Sometime later, those grips you picked out — you know, the ones that looked so bad-ass on ol’ what’s his name’s bike in the parking lot of your local watering hole —have you second guessing your decision, especially after a few miles down the road when the numbness in your hand sets in or a blister pops up. Never fear because there is a perfect solution.

Avon Grips, quite possibly one of the best-kept secrets in the aftermarket industry, offers three different styles of motorcycle grips that are available in a multitude of finishes. With a price that won’t break the bank and matching foot pegs to boot, these are just what the doctor ordered. And not just for the Harley-Davidson’s either. Avon Grips are available for the metric cruiser as well.

Avon’s Custom Contour line of performance grips showcases the company’s ergonomically designed grips with billet ends, which are available in a spiked tip or contoured finish.Made from Avon’s proprietary rubber, they work as well as they look.

The Air-Cushioned series takes comfort to a whole other level with . You’ll have a hard time finding a grip easier on your digits than these bad boys.

And for you die-hards, Avon offers Jackhammer and Waffle style finish to flow perfectly with your old school whip.

 Do your paws a favor and wrap them around a set of these grips from Avon. Trust me, you’ll thank me later with a firm handshake.

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