Two for the Road from T-Bags

With riding season just around the corner and the thoughts of cross country trips rattling around in our heads, we tend to take the small jaunts to and from work or the normal weekend runs around our favorite back roads for granted. When you’re planning for a big ride, you’re always conscious of gear and luggage, but how many times have you been out on a Saturday ride and just needed an extra pocket or two? And lets face it… when your profiling around your hood, you don’t need a giant eyesore of a bag… you just need a slick spot to store your phone, MP3 player, GPS or map. The wizards at T-Bags are a step ahead of you, offering two excellent solutions to a common dilemma.

The T-Bags Windshield Bag isn’t your typical windshield bag. Debuting last year, you’ve probably seen this marvel in a magazine or on a bike around town. With its unmatched style and three streamlined pockets, this is exactly what you need for your FLH with a 4” or 6” windshield. If you ask me, I don’t think anything else looks as right on a shorty windshield.

And for you road warriors with detachable windshields, we have something for you, as well. Just released at V-Twin Expo in Cincinnati is the new T-Bags Road King Windshield Bag, made just for a detachable windshield. I could go on and on but I better let Linda handle it:

Like I said, this one is NEW and J&P Cycles is the first online retailer to offer it, so get the new Road King Windshield Bag while it lasts!

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