Tropical Tattoo Chopper Time Show 2014 Biketoberfest Edition

You’ve seen us here before and you’re going to see us here again. Tropical Tattoo “Chopper Time” show in Daytona is without a doubt my favorite bike show to attend. And again this year, it didn’t disappoint us!

I’m not really big on bike shows – mainly because I really don’t care if someone else likes my bike or not, and I have never understood why you would roll your bike out for some random dude to “judge.” I mean it’s your bike, why would you care what someone else thinks of it? That being said, I love the Tropical Tattoo show that Willie and his crew put on because to me it’s more of a hangout for like-minded folks who love motorcycles than a “show.” There is absolutely no pretentiousness and no special treatment for “celebrity” builders, just a place for people to bring out bad ass machines, no matter if they were built in a professional shop or a garage at home. The whole thing is held together by the MC and all around good human Roadside Marty, whose sharp wit keeps show goers and builders alike on their toes. Almost every bike in the parking lot had our attention at some point but we narrowed it down to a handful, we came away inspired and hope you do too.

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