Top motorcycle events across the United States and why you should go

//Top motorcycle events across the United States and why you should go

Top motorcycle events across the United States and why you should go

Spring is here and motorcycle enthusiasts across the country all have the same thing on their minds: twisting the throttle, hitting open roads, and figuring out what events to put on their calendar for the rest of the year. With multiple two-wheel based events scattered across North America throughout the warm months of the year, there are a handful of events that stand out above the rest. These events hold more character, racing, bigger parties, unique bikes, concerts, contests, and one thing they all have in common, culture.


South – In November, two-wheel lovers from all corners of the country ride south to Texas for one of the last rallies of the season. The Lone Star Rally on Galveston Island is one of the biggest weekend rallies around. The rally began in 2002, so it’s still a newer event but it is steadily growing every year. This specific rally attracts tourists from all over the world, Texas natives, and some of the most talented bike builders. All the attendees have one thing in common…a passion for motorcycles. Between a four-day party with concerts, contests, celebrity appearances, prizes and military appreciation, the best part about it is the friendly faces you meet, the similar interests you share, and the energetic environment you get to be in. You can ride along the coast all day or through the bike-only accessible historic downtown strand by night. You can also take in some of the best waterfront riding views and attend concerts. Lone Star Rally is one of the most unusual rallies you can attend as a passionate motorcyclist, one you must go to and an event I hold close to my heart because I’m a Texas girl.


West Coast – From gambling, poker runs, drag races, and cruising along the Colorado River, the Laughlin River Run held in Laughlin, Nevada, every April is home of the largest gathering of motorcycle enthusiasts in the Western United States. Starting in 1983 with only 426 participants, this rally has continued to grow throughout the years. With vendors attending the events, demo trucks to test ride the latest models of bikes and custom bike shows, you have no shortage of activities to participate in, people to meet, and great entertainment. You can ride the historic Route 66 and enjoy the scenic views from Kingman to Oatman, Arizona, or even test your luck at the local casinos along the strip. With the number of activities to do and the friends you can meet, this family-friendly event is a must to add to your calendar.


East Coast – Every May your everyday biker rally meets a high-speed adrenaline rush at Myrtle Beach Bike Week in South Carolina. Myrtle Beach Bike Week has everything every motorcycle enthusiast is looking for: parties, fun, concerts, vendors, mingling with people who share the same passion, and even something more. Myrtle Beach Bike Week hosts motorcycle drag racing right on the beach. This racing event goes from Wednesday to Saturday and has more than ten different classes. From amateur racers to professionals, this event welcomes them all and gives anyone the ability to participate. Tours along the coastline of Grand Strand are another big attraction of MBBW, The water-front views, ocean breeze, and fantastic restaurants are a great way to meet up with old friends and a way to make new ones. Attending the biggest motorcycle event in the Carolinas needs to be on your rally list.


South East – Every March for the past 77 years over a half million bikers, racers and motorcycle clubs roll their bikes out of the garage after the long winter months and start their trek to Daytona Beach, Florida. Daytona Bike Week is one of the largest motorcycle rallies in the country and features a week-long party, concerts, racing, contests, vendors, motorcycle shows, and lots of great rides. Between riders starting their engines and cruising the “loop”, there is never a shortage of passion and fun. The beautiful 34-mile route truly captures Florida’s untouched beauty with the various bird species, tree-lined roads, scenic views of the Atlantic Ocean as well as multiple state parks, rivers, and basins. To two-wheel lovers enjoying the day to nighttime concerts, different types of motorcycle racing, and motorcycle shows, this event is definitely one of a kind in its own way. You can start out the week enjoying what Florida has to offer and end the week enjoying American Flat Track racing, attending the Daytona 200 and hearing the sound of bikes bounce off the banking. To appreciate and truly capture the history of motorcyclist, motorcycle racing, and community, Daytona Beach Bike Week is your place to go.


North – The grandfather of motorcycle rallies and the largest motorcycle event in the world, Sturgis Bike Week is the most known rally for a reason. With over 740,000 bikers and motorcycles attending, tourists flying in from different countries, and bikes lining the streets, Sturgis is known worldwide. Beginning in 1938 by a group of Indian motorcycle riders and originally held for stunts and races, the Sturgis rally has continued to grow. These days, Sturgis has grown into a league of its own by hosting the best motorcycle shows, professional motorcycle races, bike build offs, vendors, and the biggest parties. Bikers get to enjoy the unique riding experience of cruising the open roads while taking in the scenic views of the state parks and hearing the roar of motorcycles through the hills. The 10-day rally is not only spectacular but so is the ride. There is never a shortage of fun to be had. You can enjoy contests and “street food throw downs” by day, and concerts at the historical Buffalo Chip venue by night.. With the ability to experience multiple types of racing like motocross, hill climb, drag racing, and flat track, your adrenaline will start pumping every day as the close racing will keep you on the edge of your seat. Of all the motorcycle rallies you can attend, Sturgis is guaranteed to tend to every enthusiast’s needs and bring them a unique experience of community, culture, and history. Sturgis is definitely number one on our list.


With so many growing two-wheel based events you can attend throughout North America, these rallies have helped the motorcycle community grow drastically. Rallies give you the opportunity to meet friendly faces that share the same passion as you and give you the chance to meet up and ride with old friends, as well as new ones,. They’re more than just a party, they’re a chance to embrace your lifestyle and share your passion with other people and learn about the history of what you love. As a die-hard motorcycle rider, these events, rides, and races you will not want to miss when you ride your bike out of the garage, knock off the dust, and plan your next adventure.

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