Top Five Places to Visit at Biketoberfest

//Top Five Places to Visit at Biketoberfest

Top Five Places to Visit at Biketoberfest



Biketoberfest has always been one of my favorite rallies, for a few reasons. I like to call it “Bike Week Light,” simply because there are fewer people there during the four day run. This makes getting around to all the events easier and the events themselves more enjoyable. Another reason is because it is only four days. This makes it a quick getaway, and most people can stay for the entire rally. Lastly, the weather is usually amazing. With the Spring Rally, you never know if it’s going to be cold, moderate, or hot. The fall rally however, typically offers nice riding weather that is neither too hot or cold. If you haven’t had a chance to check out Biketoberfest, you should definitely put it on your calendar. Here are my 5 favorite things to do during “Bike Week Light” in no particular order. Hopefully this list ensures a great time whether it’s your first visit or even if you are a seasoned Biketoberfest attendee. There is so much more to do, but these are my favorites.


  1. The Speedway


If not for motorcycle racing, we may not even have a Spring Rally in Daytona, much less Biketoberfest. The Speedway is always a great time. With multiple classes of racing happening Friday through Sunday, you are bound to catch some awesome action on the famed raceway. Racing isn’t all that happens at the Speedway though. There is a huge vendor section with parts from many of the top names in the industry being installed while you wait. There are also services offering motorcycle repairs. Plus, there are so many smaller businesses that you may not get to see other places. The speedway is a must see.


  1. The Rat’s Hole Bike Show


We go to rallies because we love motorcycles, so no rally can be complete without hitting at least one custom bike show. The Rat’s Hole Show never fails to amaze. The hottest bikes from all over show up to show off. You can spend hours admiring the details, as well as the fit and finish, of some of the best custom builds in the world.


  1. Willie’s Tropical Tattoo Bike Show


Another must-do event is the ride in bike show at Willie’s. This isn’t anything like the Rat’s Hole show. At this show, you will see the baddest choppers and bobbers in town. From rats to full show bikes, they all pile in on top of each other at Willie’s. You’ll see anything from Knuckleheads to Yamaha XS650s and everything in between. The show starts at noon on Thursday every year, but the bikes are rolling in bright and early. Check out the bikes, get a tattoo, and buy yourself a shirt to show your friends back home that you were at the coolest party in Daytona!


  1. Destination Daytona


While technically not in Daytona, Destination Daytona has become a huge part of the Daytona rallies. The place has everything. You can check out the latest offerings from the motor company at Rossmeyer Harley-Davidson and grab a souvenir shirt. If you want food, there are great places to sit down and eat, or you can get some real-deal rally grub from one of the many food vendors set up. The J&P Cycles retail location in Destination Daytona has everything you need to keep on riding at their huge store, as well as mechanics on duty to install most anything you could want. All of the top dogs in the business will be displaying their wares in the huge vendor area. There is something for everyone at Destination Daytona, so be sure to check it out.


  1. Main Street


If you don’t hit Main Street; you didn’t do Daytona. There are so many bars that have been around for more fads in the motorcycle industry than you can imagine. These bars saw real choppers back in the day long before there were any TV shows glorifying them. From Froggy’s and Boot Hill Saloon to the Bank & Blues Club and Main Street Station, you can really have a blast. You’ll find great live music some places and a cold beer and stories from old timers at others. If you can fog a mirror, you can find something fun to do on Main Street.

I can’t wait to get to Daytona this year to check out all of my old haunts. Maybe I’ll see you at one.

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