Top 12 Historic Female Riders, Part IV

//Top 12 Historic Female Riders, Part IV

Top 12 Historic Female Riders, Part IV

Editor’s Note: The following is the fourth and final blog in a four-part series showcasing 12 female riders with historic significance.

In Parts I, II and III we introduced you to the duos of Effie & Avis Hotchkiss and Adeline & Augusta van Buren as well as the first female to win an AMA event Dorothy “Dot” Robinson, Iron Horse Motorcycle Club Founder Bessie Stringfield, Motor Maids Founder Linda Dugeau, the First Lady of Sturgis Pearl Hoel, First Original Stunt Rider Terry Strong and First Female Member of the 200 Mph Club Marcia Holley.

Laura-Klock-BonnevilleLaura Klock

Facts: Sturgis Hall of Fame Member, Custom Bike Builder and Land Speed Record Holder

Laura Klock grew up in Wisconsin, where she was around motorcycles and things with engines all the time. Her family rode bikes, snowmobiles, ATVs and her father spent many nights working on cars. As a result, Laura and her brothers became tinkerers by default. Motorcycles helped to form this young woman’s identity throughout her life and led her to be inducted into the Sturgis Hall of Fame in 2012. She met a like-minded motorcycle enthusiast named Brian Klock and later made him her husband. Together they formed Klock Werks, an aftermarket parts company that also builds custom bikes and aftermarket parts. They became a household name within the industry after they entered their Bagger in a Discovery Channel Biker Build Off and had a great showing. Following the momentum of the exposure from Discovery Channel, the family took that same tricked-out Harley to Bonneville in 2006 and Laura piloted it to an AMA World Land Speed Record. In the two years that followed, the Klock daughters also competed and set land speed records, making them the only mother-daughter trio to hold land speed records at Bonneville. It’s not all about racing and motorcycles with Laura either. She formed the Helping With Horsepower charity which uses motorcycles as a way to raise money to support worthy causes. Custom builder, speed racer, mother and philanthropist…what more do you need to know about Laura Klock?

Leslie-Porterfield-BUBLeslie Porterfield

Facts: Guinness Book of World Record’s “Fastest Woman in the World on a Motorcycle”

There are a lot of women out there who can claim to be the fastest woman on a motorcycle, but if you look in the record books, it is Leslie Porterfield who claimed that crown in 2008. Her record breaking run of 232-mph not only surpassed the previous record held by Marcia Holley, but also established her as the first female racer in the Bonneville 200-mph club. Going 200 mph on salt is not as easy as going 200 mph on asphalt. She was awarded the 2008 AMA Racing Female Rider of the Year as well. In 2009 she won the Top Speed of the Meet award at the 2009 International Speed Trials by BUB with a 240-mph run. Despite all the awards and accolades Porterfield has to her credit she still wants more. These days you can find Leslie at Bonneville trying to break through the next barrier: To become the first woman into the 300-mph club on a motorcycle.

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