The Wandering Sparrow’s Ride from Billings to Reno

//The Wandering Sparrow’s Ride from Billings to Reno

The Wandering Sparrow’s Ride from Billings to Reno

J&P Cycles’ own Joe Sparrow A.K.A. Wandering Sparrow, recently rode from Billings, Montana to Reno, Nevada. What Joe encounters never ceases to amaze and inspire a future road trip.  Until then, we continue to live vicariously through him.  The following is a sample of what he saw and who he met along the way.

The Salmon are running on the lower cascades of the Columbia River

Billings to Reno - 2
I haven’t worked a rally since Sturgis so I guess it’s time to clean up and get to work at Reno

Billings to Reno - 3
The Pacific Coast in Oregon

Billings to Reno - 4
Taking a history break at the Lewis & Clark National Historical Park in Fort Clatsop, Oregon

Billings to Reno - 5
Vista view from atop a cliff on a winding two lane highway

Billings to Reno - 6
Stonehenge dedicated to 13 fallen soldiers on the Columbia River Gorge

Billings to Reno - 7
I’ve found that everyone has a story to tell and everyone is good at something. I met this gentleman at Hells Canyon Harley Davidson and he’s responsible for the image above him.

Billings to Reno - 8
I met this couple at a motel on Lolo Pass and found out they were also going to Reno in a roundabout way similar to my plans so we rode together for a few days

Billings to Reno - 9
I took a break here just to take-in the countryside

Billings to Reno - 10
Like the road of life…. conditions are in a constant state of change.

Billings to Reno - 11
I met this gentleman in a rest area from Osaka, Japan. He rode this small 250cc bike from the East coast to the West coast and put a total of 12,500 miles on while touring the United States

Billings to Reno - 12
The gauntlet has been thrown down and I accept your challenge

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