The Smell of New Motorcycle Tires

//The Smell of New Motorcycle Tires

The Smell of New Motorcycle Tires

TiresAh, the smell of new tires. If you’re like me, there isn’t anything better than knowing you have two new tires on your bike. I know it’s painful to the wallet to put them on, but it’s a necessary evil when you ride motorcycles. And when you really ride, putting a lot of miles on your bike it can be quite painful a couple of times a year.

Every year before I hit the road for the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally, I have new tires put on. I really struggle with it when I see I still have a few miles left on the old ones and it seems a shame to take them off before they’re worn out. But for safety’s sake it’s not worth it to me. There’s an old saying “there is too much riding on your tires.” So true. If there is one bright spot in this it would be that if I need tires it must mean I’m riding my motorcycle. More tires equal more miles on the odometer, and that’s why I own a bike – to ride it.

We are quick to accessorize our motorcycles because we can see, and feel the difference it makes to our comfort, functionality, and looks, but tires are a necessity just like regular service is. I’ve parked next to other bikes and as I walk away I’ll look over my shoulder and check their tires. It amazes me when I see tires worn to the cords knowing the rider just parked it on the street. Is it a financial thing? Lack of maintenance? Or is it a new rider that doesn’t understand motorcycle tires don’t get the same mileage as their car? Either way, I hope they get home okay.

So as hard as it is to bite the bullet, my new tires are on. I average two to three new back tires and one or two new front tires a year, so I bite this bullet often. But I wear my worn-out tires like a medallion for all the miles and memories I’ve made while riding. For those of you who are in the same boat as me, my helmet is off to you. For those of you who only replace a rear tire every other year or so, my helmet is off to you as well. We all ride. The miles ridden isn’t important as long as you are out there sharing the same passion we all have. Just be safe and take a look under that fender every so often.

See you at the rally!

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  1. JB August 26, 2014 at 11:09 am

    I ride just a tad, about 300 miles during the week back and for to work plus another couple hundred on any given weekend. My “old” bike, 2007 Kaw Vulcan 1500 Classic has 105,000 miles on it and for 19 months it just sat in my garage while I rode my new bike, a 2012 Vulcan Voyager. Well, I had to put the VV in the shop recently and pulled the Classic out. I had purchased a set of tires for it when I got the VV but just never got around to putting them on. That was done last Friday when I had a flat rear while at work. I run IRC Wild Flares on the Classic and typically get about 18,000-20,000 miles on the rear and 26,000 on the fronts. On my VV, I’m running the Michelin Commander II tires an currently have 30,000 on the rear and 23,000 on the front and haven’t come close to the wear bars yet! I do love a set of new tires though!!

  2. Kevin Baker ï July 30, 2014 at 9:29 am

    I would like to thank the staff of jps for the services they gave to me on Sunday July 27th. We had been on a 500 mile trip and stayed in anamosa Saturday night at the motel next to jp when the morning came went out to get ready to head for home checking out my bike I had a rear tire flat I went over to JP and they had not opened yet, but one who came to open the store seen the problem that I was having and that he would get the help I needed, but but he had to get the store open first which he did and came back as he said he had already got ahold of a tec in town and gave me his name and number than he asked if I wanted just fix the tire or what. I said better have a new tire and really by that time the place was busy, but I still had a flat no way to get the bike and new tire to the tec in town so he went in and brought out a battery and air pump for the trip in town, in about a hour me and my wife and friends were back on the road. I really want to thank you for the services that you gave me that you didn’t have to. Sorry I can’t remember your name. But thanks to you a JP the trip ended great. Kevin Baker, Des Moines Iowa

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