The Most Amazing Stories Of People Who Have Been Around The World On A Motorcycle


When it comes to riding, no two journeys are the same. The road appears a little different each time a long trip is made. Some riders experience torrential downpours and crosswinds while others ride in bright sunshine with clear blue skies as the backdrop. Some roads are under construction (making for some fun debris fields to dodge) while others ride on the freshly repaired, smooth road.

No two stories are the same, but every story has its own charm to it. Here are three amusing and amazing stories of people who have been around the world on a motorcycle.

  1. The Great Divorce Escape


One of the perks to riding the open road is clearing your head. It’s just you and the world on the back of a bike. When Sebastiaan de With was going through a divorce, he decided that instead of wallowing in self-pity, he’d grab one of his friends (who was also going through a breakup at the time) and hit the open road. And boy did they ride.

The duo started their trek in San Francisco with plans to ride all 11,000 miles into Denali State Park in Alaska. This required special winterization of their motorcycles to prepare for the frigid temperatures and a camera to capture the stunning scenery along the way.

Throughout their trip, they visited Crater Lake National Park, Olympic National Park, Vancouver Island, and other scenic locations. Every place visited on their Ducati GT1000 and Kawasaki KLR650 was captured on film and a Kickstarter campaign was used to fund the adventure. Backers got t-shirts, prints, and a book. Visit @Ridenorth on Twitter to learn more about their trip.

  1. Route 66


Without question, one of the most historic highways in the United States is Route 66. It’s been featured in films, songs, and now on people’s motorcycle ride stories.

In 2015, Mike Lavelle made the historic trip on the back of his motorcycle stopping in at famous places with unique character. Not only were the hills and valleys a beautiful backdrop for these rides, but the old adobe cafes and retro truck stops were charming as well. The entire journey from Vail, Arizona through New Mexico and along Route 66, up through the high roads of Taos and down through Santa Fe was well-documented by Lavelle and his crew.

  1. Sturgis!


Mention “Sturgis” in most circles and you might get a few raised eyebrows of confusion. Mention “Sturgis” to bikers and you’ll get high fives and eyes opened wide with excitement. Sturgis is the place to be for motorcycle enthusiasts, so we’d be remiss if we didn’t feature an amazing story about the ride to South Dakota.

There are many stories out there about this journey documents “…the bikers migrating like salmon, en masse up the interstates.” He battled weather, poorly maintained roads, and packed hotels while massive amounts of fellow riders making their way up to the famous bike show. Yonah, the rider who made the trip, talks about how he met an “angel from Wisconsin” who turned a crummy start to the trip into a story worth telling. On the ride, Yonah experienced the thrill of crosswinds, the bore and frustration of stopped traffic, and an overheating engine.

If any of that sounds familiar (or if any of it sounds like your worst nightmare) you’ll appreciate the story he lived to tell.

What’s Your Story?


What story is your favorite to tell your friends and family? Share it with us! We love hearing about the adventures fellow motorcycle enthusiasts get into on the open road.

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