People often ask me how J&P Cycles consistently exceeds customer expectations. It’s a good question, but a bit difficult to answer. It goes without saying that we’ve got the dedication, tools and the resources to provide world-class customer service, but so do others. We have a mission statement with our customers as our No.1 priority, but again, so do the other guys.

The answer came to me during our recent Open House. Three simple words: “We get it.” And the “it” that I’m talking about is the deep-seated understanding of our customers by everyone at J&P — from the top of the organization on down.

When J&P founder John Parham sold his first part from the back of his van in 1979, he had one thing at the top of his mind — satisfying the people who love motorcycles as much as he does. Parham has spent his entire life in front of our customers, interacting with them on a level rarely seen in today’s marketplace. He does it because he’s their equal, and he enjoys every minute of it. Speaking from experience, I can confirm that this guy’s attitude and unrelenting passion is contagious. John has purposely surrounded himself with people who are like him in many ways. And the mission couldn’t be any clearer: The customer comes first.

The J&P Cycles difference comes from decades of participating in events, swap meets, rallies and rides. Our entire organization participates in the planning and execution of our events. That customer-first mentality carries over to our retail service as well as our customer interaction by phone, e-mail and web chat. Because we wake up in the morning thinking about all things motorcycle, we have a tremendous advantage in our day-to-day dealings with customers. We know what they want. We know what they need.

Our goal is simple: We insist on providing the best service possible through every channel imaginable. If something doesn’t go well, count on us to do everything possible to make it right. Being a leader in our industry is a privilege and we don’t take that fact for granted. Our customers rule our world, and we wouldn’t have it any other way.