The Great Motor Company Introduces Two New Models

//The Great Motor Company Introduces Two New Models

The Great Motor Company Introduces Two New Models

2014-Harley-Davidson-Low-Rider (2)The Harley-Davidson Low Rider was first introduced to the motorcycle community back in 1977. About that time you or your parents had really big hair bested only by their really big bell bottom pants and the disco movement was in full swing. Over 30 years may have passed us all by in a blur, but the folks at HD remember what was cool about that era (or at least what they think was cool about it).

For 2014 Harley has reintroduced the Low Rider and the Super Low 1200T. Both bikes are based on the idea of offering an easy to ride, retro-cool design that apparently you, the customers have been asking for. HD has been listening to consumers the past few years and this is just the latest of example of the Motor Company stepping up to give us another option. Here’s a quick look at the two bikes:

Low Rider: Old school cool and a defiant attitude are how HD describes the Low Rider in its recent PR hype: “A big twin for every rider.” The Low Rider is built around the Dyna chassis, powered by a TC 103 mill, 6-speed transmission, 49mm fork, coil-over rear shocks, 2-into-1 exhaust, adjustable bar risers, adjustable seat height and polished headlamp with five-spoke aluminum mag wheels. The Low Rider is designed to be tailored to fit any rider, which will appeal to people who are new to HD for sure. Plus, it has potential to be popular in the do-it-yourself custom builder scene. We would expect to see a host of bolt-on accessories from all the usual suspects: RSD, Kuryakyn and Burly, to name a few should all have builds to make you jealous and parts to drain your account around the same time these bikes hit showroom floors later this year. So, who is this bike aimed at? Young riders. HD needs an infusion of youth and this bike managed to lure a lot of people in during the 70s and they hope that it will do the same this time around.

“Our styling team envisioned a new motorcycle with rugged, universal appeal,” explains lead stylist Tony Pink. “The use of wrinkle-black paint on the powertrain, wheels, console and trim are key to the new look. The visor and suspended headlamp are also touchstone styling elements we wanted on this new Low Rider.”

2014-Harley-Davidson-Super-Low-1200T (2)Super Low: Geared towards the rider who likes to explore the world on two wheels with its OEM-equipped touring amenities that include a detachable windshield, mini floor-boards, locking saddlebags, easy-access pre-load adjustable rear shocks and Michelin touring tires. The Super Low is based on the Sportster platform, powered by the 1200cc Evo and weighs in almost 120-lbs less than any other touring bike in the line-up. According to HD PR, this bike is aimed at the 5’ 1” to 5’ 7” riders. Can you read between the lines ladies? No? Well, then we will put it this way, this bike is for you. Or at least for the smaller riders among us who have been asking for a lighter touring-capable steed. Color choices include Vivid Black, Candy Orange, and two-tone Birch White/Midnight Pearl.

“The SuperLow 1200T is a new motorcycle driven by the voice of our customers, and by customer action,” said Jennifer Gersch, Harley-Davidson product planning manager. “Many riders seeking an entry point to the touring experience have been putting together a bike like this on their own. We’ve added ergonomic adjustments and a selection of touring accessories to a motorcycle platform that is already popular with our customers. They can tour on a great-looking motorcycle that offers performance and inspires confidence, while experiencing those life-defining moments that can only be encountered on the open road.”

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  1. Jimmy the Greek April 26, 2014 at 8:36 pm

    It’s a sportster a low rider back then was a shovel

  2. panhead ric April 25, 2014 at 1:13 pm

    RELAUNCH ???? They have building the low rider for many years !

  3. Thomas Smith April 25, 2014 at 9:56 am

    Too bad HD dropped the super glide. Maybe not. Now I have a collectors item.

  4. Southwest cycle @Cape Carol April 4, 2014 at 5:40 am

    Good step of HD to relaunch both models. I think all HD lovers appreciate these two models and I like the idea of retro style of motorcycle.

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