Two of the most beautiful words in a motorcyclist’s vocabulary are “barn find.” It’s something most of us bikers daydream about. You know, an old Knucklehead or old single-cylinder HD just waiting patiently for us to rescue it from the corner of a some old farmer’s shed and refurbish it for a triumphant return to the open road.

That being said, I’m thinking Williamstown, New Jersey, might just be home to the mother of all barn finds. Four decades ago, Nick — of Nick’s Custom Cycles — opened up a small bike shop in what was originally intended to be a chicken coop. Nick slapped some additions onto the old building over the years, eventually moving out of the coop and into his current facilities. And nice facilities they are, featuring a full-blown machine/welding shop, in-house powder coating and motorcycle showroom. Over the years Nick had not only grown his business but he’s grown an impressive collection of motorcycle parts as well.

Which brings us to the point of this story. Nick’s 206-foot-long former chicken coop is currently home to more than 1.5 million (yes I said million) parts. Featuring new and used antique Harley-Davidson motorcycle parts, Nick says 85 percent of his collection is at least 25 years old, with 10 percent of the collection comprised of used aftermarket parts. Another 5 percent of the collection is Evo and Twin Cam.

If we wanted to get more specific, and we do, a short list boils down to around 300 flywheels, 250 carburetors, 60 motorcycle frames, and a half of a 40-foot trailer filled with new genuine N.O.S. Harley-Davidson parts — all in the original boxes.

The good news is this: Nick’s in a selling mood. Trouble is, he’s not looking to sell a carb  here or a front end there. He’s looking for a buyer to take everything in one fell swoop. And he’s only asking for 50 cents per part. OK, yeah, that’s a lot of parts, but if this sparks your interest, give Nick a call at at 856-728-2652. One thing’s for sure: Somebody’s getting the barn find of the century. American Pickers — eat your hearts out!