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The Biker Guide: Windshields


There is a windshield for riders of all calibers. Whether your bike has half a million miles and you live on the open road or commute daily in the city there is a windshield for you. While not all riders utilize a windshield they can help you stay comfortable and decrease fatigue. If you’re in the market for a new windshield or want to learn more about proper windshield care you are in the right place!

So first we will go over the benefits of a windshield.

Protection from the wind and elements. They say freedom comes with a price and that freedom of hair in the wind comes with the price of bugs, dust, and the occasional unfortunate bird droppings. If you’ve ever felt the crunch of dirt in your teeth you know exactly how awful the dust can be. The wind tangles your long lush locks of hair whether it comes from your head or your face! It can also be extremely fatiguing. The force exerted on the body from the wind at highway speeds requires more use of your muscles to keep a strong grip on the bike. With a windshield you can enjoy a long less tiring ride without bugs, dirt in your teeth, and a beard free of knots! It all boils down to this: a windshield is practical, affordable, and versatile.

The Windshield Buyers Guide

Now you know you want to buy a windshield, but which one should you buy? First ask yourself these questions:

What kind of riding do you do?

If touring and long rides are your thing you may want to opt for a full coverage windshield. If you usually take shorter rides and don’t want a full size windshield opt for a smaller style.

Do you want to have the option of taking it off when you’re going to events or on short rides?

If you’re in stuck in the middle of the question above a quick release mount may be the best option. This way you can have the best of both worlds.


What is the right height windshield for me?

When seated in normal riding position, the top of the windshield should be level with the tip of your nose. When you ride in the rain, you will have an unobstructed view of the road, and the windshield will still be tall enough to deflect air over and around your head.



Memphis Shades


Memphis Shades makes a variety of windshields and mounting kits to suit the needs of every rider. Their windshields are made from a Lucite acrylic for superior optics and construction. All their windshields and fairings are DOT approved. All mounting kits are made from a combination of CNC machined aluminum plates, stainless steel fasteners, and aluminum anchors.

Klock Werks


The Flare by Klock Werks is made from a hard-coated polycarbonate material for added durability. The Flare features a patented design created down force to aid front end stability. They go the extra mile with all their products even pre-drilling so you can use your stock mounting hardware. If you are looking for a one of a kind original patented design and a product that is wind-tunnel and real world tested then The Flare by Klock Werks is for you. Available in a variety of heights and tints for all riders.

National Cycle


All of National Cycle’s windshields are made from a hardcoated polycarbonate for high impact protection. A National Cycle customer even came in contact with a ball peen hammer at 75MPH and safely walked away to tell the story. The exclusive Quantum hardcoating offers a highly scratch resistant finish so you can get more miles out of a National Cycle windshield. National Cycle has a no compromise approach when it comes to quality so you can go the extra miles with National Cycle.

Make sure to check out the links for our selection of Memphis ShadesKlock Werks, and National Cycle.


Proper Maintenance and Care

Make sure to use a proper cleaner, it is vital that the cleaner is labeled safe specifically for windshields. Some cleaners work as a cleaner and polisher all in one. For example Bugslide works as a waterless cleaner and polisher together, it cleans, shines, and protects while removing bugs and other surface contaminants with ease. Not only does it do all of this it also leaves behind a protective microscopic finish that continuously repels dust, dirt, water, and fingerprints while reducing adhesion of common road contaminants such as exhaust, bugs, oil, tree sap, bird droppings, road grime, and brake dust. Surfaces stay clean longer and contains a UV filter to keep black plastics, rubber, and even powder coated engines from fading. If you’re stuck without a proper cleaner opt for warm soapy water. Make sure to take care in gently removing any bugs and road debris so there are no scratches left behind. If you keep your windshield clean and clear it will have a longer life without yellowing or fading.

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