The Biker Guide: Cable Kits and Hydraulic Lines

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The Biker Guide: Cable Kits and Hydraulic Lines

Do you want to buy a new cable kit? In the market for new brake lines? There are a lot of options out there for you. Luckily you’re in the right place whether you’re a total beginner or a veteran motorcyclist we are here to answer all your questions. We will go over everything from why people even buy new cables and lines to what the steel braided cables actually do performance and protection wise.


The stock cables may be just a few feet too short, just maybe.

Why do motorcyclists buy new cables and hydraulic lines?

Well there are many reasons why depending on the situation. Some buy them simply to replace worn out parts and others buy them for the looks or function. Some riders even replace the black stock cables with the highly desired steel braided cables and lines to compliment chrome accessories. Overall these are some of the main reasons riders buy new cables.

New handlebars

Often V Twin riders buy cable kits with the purchase of new handlebars because the stock cables are just too short. If you’re buying new bars make sure to take into account the new dimensions your controls will have and purchase longer cables accordingly.

Improve Look

Steel braided cables and lines offer a much better look to compliment any motorcycle than the rubber hoses that often come stock.

Time and Wear

Overtime cables and hydraulic lines wear out for a variety of reasons. Time and use causes swelling in hydraulic lines and cables stretch under extensive use.

What is the difference between braided lines and rubber hoses?

Steel braided lines offer more protection and a longer lifetime than rubber hoses. The cable or fluid is contained by an inner hose wrapped in stainless steel braiding and coated to keep the line safe from the elements.

How can you make your cables last longer?

Good maintenance we can’t preach it enough!

Keeping cables properly cleaned, lubed, and properly adjusted is the best way to decrease wear and tear. Grab yourself a cable lubing tool and some contact cleaner. Disconnect the cable, straighten it out and spray contact cleaner while running the cable. This process can get messy so use a rag to catch the excess grime that comes out the ends. This is a good time to check for any frayed ends or other signs of wear. Always lube your cable right after cleaning.

A side note for hydraulic lines, make sure to keep clean fluid. If you see the fluid getting dark in the sight glass it’s time to bleed the fluid. This will help extend the life of your hydraulic system.

How do steel braided hydraulic lines help solve brake performance issues?

Slow down “brake fade” Steel braided lines were designed to eliminate the swelling issues found in rubber hoses. When you apply the brakes pressure is created in the line, over time this pressure will cause the rubber line to expand. When the lines are stretched and worn out the brakes create an inconsistent feel, one of the associated factors with “brake fade”. Steel lines under pressure don’t stretch like the rubber lines and offers a more consistent feel so you get better all-around performance. A steel braided line will long outlive the rubber stock counterpart. *note: brake fade is also associated with overheating pads and worn out parts in the master cylinder and caliper, always follow proper brake service for your safety. Proper brake service can be found in your service manual and also at your local motorcycle service department.

What does J&P Cycles recommend?

Burly Brand

For the past two decades Burly has been committed to transform simple bent tubing to chrome plated art. They are an industry leader in the V Twin market, you can always count on Burly products for precise fitment and a long life. Click the link for our selection of Burly Motorcycle Cables

Steel Braided Brake Line

Not only do they look better but they live longer and were designed to solve the issues with stock brake lines. Click the link for our selection of brake lines


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