The Bell Moto 3 Retro Throwback

//The Bell Moto 3 Retro Throwback

The Bell Moto 3 Retro Throwback

The Bell Moto 3 Retro Throwback

Brandon Lajoie Bell Moto 3 Motocollab Mark Weaver

Trends in motorcycle culture are evolving. Lines are getting blurred. The clearly defined categories that once segregated bikers into their own niche have faded. Guys who build choppers are now wanting a bike that can race flat track or explore off-road trails. It’s not uncommon to see someone with a bobber and a café racer parked in their garage. Street riders are transforming their Sportsters and Triumphs into trackers and scramblers. There’s a whole generation of hipsters that just want to have fun and look cool doing it. Like it or not, this fad isn’t going away anytime soon. There’s a new generation who have found a love for motorcycles, and the gear companies want a piece of the action.

Bell Moto 3 Motocollab Mark Weaver

Bell’s response to this cultural trend is the revival of the Moto 3. Bell made the first full face helmet in the 60’s. In the early 70’s, they released the first full face helmet made for off-road motorcycles: the Moto 3. Oozing with style, this was one of the most popular helmets on the market. The retro look has made a comeback in fashion, so sales have skyrocketed on eBay for vintage Bell helmets. Bell was smart enough to take note of the high demand and released a newly engineered throwback tribute of the Moto 3. Bell is also making strategic partnerships to engage culture. With icons like Roland Sands and Leticia Cline promoting their product, it’s popularity is a guarantee.

Bell Moto 3 Brandon Lajoie

Brandon Lajoie giving the Bell Moto 3 a test run in Dallas.

The Bell Moto 3 has the same classic style as the original, with upgrades in modern technology. It has the look of a dirt bike helmet, but it is engineered for street. The Moto 3 is built with light weight, sturdy materials for a quality construction that meets current DOT and ECE standards. The helmet is so light weight and comfortable to wear, it makes you wonder how it’s even possible. I guess that’s one of the benefits of materials science.

Bell Moto 3

The Moto 3 has a snap on visor and an opening large enough to fit the goggles of your choice. It has a vented face guard for style and comfort. The lid comes in a variety of solid colors with the bold “MOTO III” decal printed across the face. Bell teamed up with Chemical Candy Customs to release a special edition with sharp lines and classic colors featuring retro metal flake paint.

I read a review that said this helmet runs a half size large. This was not my experience. I am usually right on the border between a Medium and Large helmet, however I tried on a Medium Bell Moto 3 and it was way too small.  I recommend measuring your head and referring to the size chart for proper fitment.

Bell Moto 3

The Bell Moto 3 is the perfect choice for its intended market. Without a visor, you wouldn’t want to use this helmet to tour the country. But, if you’re looking for a safe option for your daily commute and off-road exploration, then the Bell Moto 3 is a great way to express yourself through vintage style. For the best pricing and information, visit J&P Cycles.

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