Important information about Harley Davidson full wave charging systems (covering 70-05 Touring, 84-07 XL, 84-00 Softail, 91-03 Dynas, All FXR’s)

Recently, a number of Harley riders have contacted J&P’s Tech Support Department asking for help in identifying potential problems with their motorcycle’s charging systems. Determining whether a problem exists with a battery, stator, or regulator can be an overwhelming task for the novice rider, which is why we always suggest taking the battery in question to Auto Zone, Advance Auto, Pep Boys, or another similar auto parts store or motorcycle dealership, where they will usually charge and test the battery for free.

If in fact the battery checks out as being in perfect working condition, it’s time to move on to testing other power-related systems on the bike, such as the stator and/or regulator, which can be easier said than done. If you’re a DIY (do it yourself) kind of motorcycle owner, check out Step by step instructions for testing your Harley’s charging system for detailed step-by-step instructions on charging system voltage tests, stator tests, regulator tests, and more. If DIY isn’t in your bag of tricks, we strongly recommend calling J&P’s technical support staff (1.800.397.4844) or chatting with a J&P technician via the Live Chat feature on our website. Either way, address the issue head on as soon as it appears. The last thing you want to do is breakdown in the middle of a ride!

Don’t worry Metric and Sport Bike loyalists; we’ve got several articles for you in the pipeline. If you’ve got a specific question about your bike’s charging systems, you can talk with a J&P Metric or Sport Bike technician by calling1.800.318.6847, or you can chat with a technician online at J&P Live Chat.

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