While it may not be one of the coolest accessories for your bike, a motorcycle windshield is something each and every one of us who owns a bike has — at one time or another — considered. Whether it be a long day traveling in rain, riding through a never ending swarm of bugs, or a wind storm that blows dirt and sand just as fast as you’re traveling on your bike, a stylish and well functioning windshield certainly has its place.

If you haven’t made the leap or are considering adding a windshield to your bike, here are several things to consider:

Height: The standard answer you will get when it comes to the height of your windshield will be “it should be the same height from the ground as the tip of your nose when seated on the bike.”  Not only will this rule of thumb help create a slipstream effect and push the air up and over your head, it will also allow you to look over your new windshield if you ever have a situation where you can’t see through the windshield itself.

Headlight diameter: Motorcycles come with several different sizes of headlights. When choosing a new windshield, be sure to know ahead of time what size headlight your windshield has to confirm to.

Fork size / Handlebar size: Windshields normally mount to forks or handlebars.  Universal windshields tend to mount on handlebars, are easy to adjust, and fit most bikes. Make and model specific kits are available that tend to guarantee a good fit and finish for many bikes, assuming of course you select the correct kit for your bike.

To wrap up today’s post, check out this handy chart that shows how to correctly measure your windshield, followed by a J&P video about windshield selection and installation.