Tech Tip: Motorcycle Saddlebag Fitment

//Tech Tip: Motorcycle Saddlebag Fitment

Tech Tip: Motorcycle Saddlebag Fitment

One of the more frequent questions our Tech Department gets asked is, “Which saddlebags fit my motorcycle?” While some saddlebags are model specific, the majority of saddlebags we carry are a universal fit. As we always tell our customers, you can find fitment dimensions for most of the bags we carry in the product descriptions on our website or in our catalog, but the best way to see whether a saddlebag will fit your bike is to cut a cardboard template using the length and height of the bags you want. By holding the template up to the bike, you can get a fairly solid idea of how the bag will fit, and whether or not you will need to relocate your turn signals.

If turn signal relocation is required, you can relocate the signals further back on the fender struts, or completely move them off the struts. (FYI: We carry a number of solutions for this, including license plate mounts that will accommodate stock signals, and license plate frames with built-in turn signals.)

One feature that all saddlebags have in common is that they require the use of some type of support brackets. Support brackets keep your motorcycle saddlebags from interfering with the rear brake and final drive systems. Here, you have the option of going with rigid mount supports or detachable brackets. Rigid mount supports bolt to the fender struts and work well with “throw over” style bags, especially when you plan on leaving the bags on all the time. Detachable brackets can be bolted to any rigid backed supports making them easy to remove when not in use. If you do not want to leave your saddlebags mounted all the time and want a clean look when they’re not on the bike, detachable brackets are the way to go.

Check out the video below on the removable Mustang Hard Saddlebags. These waterproof bags are easy to install on most bikes and will definitely add style to your ride.

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  3. Bill Gray January 21, 2010 at 6:05 pm

    I have the Mustang Bags you are featuring on my HondaVTX1300 Retro. I chose the EZ Bracket mounting system and it works extremely well. It will actually work with anyones bags, even the leather and leather like. There was no need to relocate the turn signals. The bags are lockable, and the only time I remove them is when cleaning the bike. In a weird way of matching up, the Saddlemen HC2900 travel trunk is a perfect match.

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