Take a Look at Our Second Readers’ Rides Winner!

//Take a Look at Our Second Readers’ Rides Winner!

Take a Look at Our Second Readers’ Rides Winner!

Editor’s Note: Here is the second installment of our new monthly online series called “Readers Rides of the Month,” spotlighting the best-looking bike selected from photographs submitted by you to our eagle-eyed J&P staffers. Shown here is the February 2011 winning entry, and you’ll discover why we favored this particular bike in the commentary below. If you think your ride should have its own special month in this spot, send us an in-focus, crisp photograph. And we want to thank all of you folks who submitted photos for consideration. There were a lot of great looking bikes in those photographs.

This month’s ride is a 1980 Harley-Davidson Wide Glide belonging to Ron Bajorek of Pittsford, N.Y.  This bike is a far cry from what came off the factory floor. Less weight plus increased displacement equals a serious little bobber that just about everyone on our blog staff would love to get his or her hands on. This bike must rip. But listen to what Ron had to say about his bike:

“I purchased the rolling frame out of my local newspaper — frame, front end, wheels and a bunch of other stuff.  The guy started buying parts in 1985 and sold me the rolling frame in 2003.  I asked him why he was selling it and he said, “If it ain’t built by now it’s never gonna get built!”  I then bought a 1980 FXWG off of its original owner for the motor. The bike already had the 93-inch Hot Set-Up Kit, but everything needed to be rebuilt. The bike had been ridden hard and put away wet.

“I love this bike.  It’s light, quick, and stops like a sport bike. The modified tank only holds about 1.8 gallons so that means frequent stops for gas, which is alright, because my 48-year-old bones need a stretch by then from the rigid frame.

“Big thanks to Mike at Rochester Custom Cycle — the motor flat out rips. Also kudos to Jody and Anthony at Rochester Collision Center for the awesome paint and molding work. And thanks to Brian the Brush for the incredible striping and lettering.”


SPECIFICATIONS – Ron Bajorek’s Winning Entry



Year: 1980

Make: Harley-Davidson

Model: FXWG


Year: 1980

Make: Harley-Davidson

Model/Size: Shovelhead 93-inch

Cases: Harley-Davidson

Flywheels: S&S

Cam/s: S&S

Cylinders: S&S

Pistons: S&S

Heads: Harley-Davidson, Dual Plug

Carb: S&S

Air Cleaner: S&S

Exhaust: Paughco

Ignition: Daytona Twin Tech


Year: 1974

Make: Harley-Davidson

Type: 4-speed Kicker


Make: Harley-Davidson

Clutch: Rivera Primo


Year: 1985

Make: Paughco

Type: Rigid Wishbone

Rake: 30 Degrees

Stretch: 2-1/4 inches up, 0 inches out


Type1999 Harley-Davidson WG

Triple Trees: Harley-Davidson

Fork Tubes: Harley-Davidson

Lower Legs: Harley-Davidson


Wheel Make/Size: Harley-Davidson, 21 x 2.15

Tire Make/Size: Avon Speedmaster, 3.00-21

Rotor/s: Harley-Davidson

Caliper/s: Jay Brake


Wheel Make/Size: Harley-Davidson, 16 x 3

Tire Make/Size: Dunlop D401, 130/90-16

Rotor: Harley-Davidson

Caliper: Jay Brake


Handlebars: Harley-Davidson

Hand Controls: Harley-Davidson

Grips: OEM Style Rubber

Foot Controls: Harley-Davidson

Rear Fender: 1935 Ford Spare Tire Carrier

Front Fender: Harley-Davidson WG

Gas Tank: Paughco, Dished Sides

Oil Tank: Mid-USA

Taillight: Ford Model A

Seat: Spring Solo

Have any interest in submitting your ride for consideration as March’s Readers’ Ride of the Month? All that’s needed to enter is a handsome bike and a decent camera that takes sharp photos. You don’t have to be a J&P Cycles customer to enter. Entries come from those who follow J&P Cycles on Facebook and read our blog. Watch for it when we post calls for submission on FB and here on the blog. For some tips on shooting quality photos of your bike, check out Better Shooting with Gary Griffin, courtesy of Chopcult.com. And start clicking!

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