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Road Tested: National Cycle Flyscreen

I ride the snot out of my Kawasaki Z900 RS. It's a sweet bike with great performance and rad 70's muscle bike style. Unfortunately, that style means it could use an upgrade in the wind protection department. Sadly, being a new model, I was not spoiled for choices; my options consisted of the $350 Kawasaki [...]

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The Biker Guide: Windshields

There is a windshield for riders of all calibers. Whether your bike has half a million miles and you live on the open road or commute daily in the city there is a windshield for you. While not all riders utilize a windshield they can help you stay comfortable and decrease fatigue. If you’re in [...]

Tech Tip: Motorcycle Windshield Installation

While it may not be one of the coolest accessories for your bike, a motorcycle windshield is something each and every one of us who owns a bike has — at one time or another — considered. Whether it be a long day traveling in rain, riding through a never ending swarm of bugs, or a wind storm that blows dirt and sand just as fast as you’re traveling on your bike, a stylish and well functioning windshield certainly has its place.

If you haven’t made the leap or are considering adding a windshield to your bike, here are several things to consider:

Height: The standard answer you will get … Continue Reading

Two for the Road from T-Bags

With riding season just around the corner and the thoughts of cross country trips rattling around in our heads, we tend to take the small jaunts to and from work or the normal weekend runs around our favorite back roads for granted. When you’re planning for a big ride, you’re always conscious of gear and luggage, but how many times have you been out on a Saturday ride and just needed an extra pocket or two? And lets face it… when your profiling around your hood, you don’t need a giant eyesore of a bag… you just need a slick spot to store your phone, MP3 player, GPS or … Continue Reading

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