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The Harley Brake Investigation

Average riders put more thought into louder pipes than the maintenance of their motorcycle braking system. Loud pipes save lives. We published a post  about this controversy not too long ago. True or not, one thing about loud pipes is certain – the Feds aren’t interested in pipes that aren’t loud enough. The Harley Brake [...]

Harley Drag Racing 101

Born and bred right here in the USA, drag racing has grown worldwide as one of the most popular forms of motorsports. Perhaps the best part about drag racing is that you can run just about any type of vehicle, including street legal Harley-Davidsons. Whether you ride a stock 883 Sportster or a monster 131-inch Road Glide, you’re free to participate as long as your bike passes the required safety inspection. With literally hundreds of drag strips across the nation, you’ll have no problem finding a legit location to run WFO with zero interference from the man. Aside from hosting sanctioned events, almost every strip offers “test and tune” sessions … Continue Reading

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Kuryakyn Takes the Guess Work out of Performance with the Perfect Storm

Kuryakyn Perfect Storm KitsWithin the first few months of owning a bike, most riders start thinking about a new air cleaner, aftermarket pipes, and even a fuel injection controller. If that sounds familiar, you may be left wondering which combination of the three will work best. With all the different manufactures boasting about what their particular unit will do, it can be overwhelming to sort though all the noise and get to some real world data on what actually works. Enter Kuryakyn and the Perform Storm.

Lucky for all of us, Kuryakyn has done all the heavy lifting for, putting together a combination of kits with actual research and development time behind them … Continue Reading

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Tech Tip: Motorcycle Windshield Installation

While it may not be one of the coolest accessories for your bike, a motorcycle windshield is something each and every one of us who owns a bike has — at one time or another — considered. Whether it be a long day traveling in rain, riding through a never ending swarm of bugs, or a wind storm that blows dirt and sand just as fast as you’re traveling on your bike, a stylish and well functioning windshield certainly has its place.

If you haven’t made the leap or are considering adding a windshield to your bike, here are several things to consider:

Height: The standard answer you will get … Continue Reading

Two For Tuesday: Jaybrake Motorcycle Floorboards, Pegs, and Brake Pedals

Today’s Two for Tuesday post features Jaybrake’s Trac Series — a unique combination of floorboards, passenger pegs, brake pedals and shifter pegs that were designed in response to the boring and uninspiring stock floor boards that come on baggers and FL Softails. As you can see from the images included in today’s post, Jaybreak took matters into their own hands when they designed these sinister-looking floorboards and motorcycle pegs.

Focusing on Jaybreak’s floorboards first, there’s a great deal of function associated with these spiked bad boys. The studs help hold your feet in place on long rides, reducing fatigue in your legs and feet, while the studs are placed … Continue Reading

Tech Tip: Motorcycle Saddlebag Fitment

One of the more frequent questions our Tech Department gets asked is, “Which saddlebags fit my motorcycle?” While some saddlebags are model specific, the majority of saddlebags we carry are a universal fit. As we always tell our customers, you can find fitment dimensions for most of the bags we carry in the product descriptions on our website or in our catalog, but the best way to see whether a saddlebag will fit your bike is to cut a cardboard template using the length and height of the bags you want. By holding the template up to the bike, you can get a fairly solid idea of how the bag will … Continue Reading

J&P Cycles Tech Tip: Checking Your Fluids

On Monday, we reviewed the ‘Top 10 Things to Check Before You Go For A Ride.’  Today, we are going to go into more detail on the number one item on the list: fluids.  Everyone knows that the fluids are essential to a trouble free ride but they are also easy to over look.  Check out the video below to learn more about the correct way to check your fluids and help your bike last longer on the road.

Continue Reading

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Top 10 Things To Check Before You Go For A Motorcycle Ride

J&P Cycles’ Motorcycle Technicians — who are well known for assisting motorcycle riders with technical questions on the phones — recently got together to create a list of the top 10 things you should do before riding your motorcycle to: A) Keep your bike in top running condition, and B) To keep you from getting stranded on the side of the road.

  1. Fluids. Make sure all your oils and fluids are topped off with the correct fluid.
  2. Battery. Make sure both the connections are tight. If your motorcycle battery is not a sealed type, make sure the cells are full of fluid. Be sure to check for cracks
Continue Reading

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J&P Tech Tip: How to Install a Fast Hook Helmet Buckle

Does it annoy you as much as it does me to fumble around while trying to get your motorcycle helmet straps undone? Motorcycle helmet manufacturers realize this as well and have recently started to equip helmets with quick release systems right out of the box. But if you’re like me, you already own a helmet or two that you love and you don’t really want to spend big money right now to upgrade. If this sounds familiar, check out Fast Hook for Helmets.

Fast Hook attaches to your current helmet quickly, requires no sewing, is made from 100% polycarbonate (so it’s hot and cold weather resistant), and has a … Continue Reading

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Two for Tuesday: Burly Cable Kits and Narrow Glide Ape’s, and Kuryakyn’s Curved Horizontal Side Mount License Plate Holder

Küryakyn Curved Horizontal Side Mount License Holder Today, I’m pleased to announce a new weekly feature here on the Motorcycle Parts and Accessories Blog: Two for Tuesday, a weekly post highlighting two or more of the great products you’ll find among the four J&P Cycles Catalogs or online at

This week, we’re pleased to showcase two really great products (Kuryakyn’s Curved Horizontal Side Mount License Plate Holder, and Burly Cable Kits and Narrow Glide Ape’s). First, let’s take a look at how easy it is to clean up the lines on your bike by relocating your license plate.

Let’s face it; your license plate is a necessary evil. Complicating matters is the fact that the … Continue Reading