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What is Suspension Sag and Why Would I Want It?

If you’ve been reading my J&P blog posts about suspension and bike fitment, you might recall that your shocks can be adjusted to fit your bike and weight. You also learned that in order to achieve a proper fit in the two-wheel world, sometimes you need to swap out a part. But what if a simple adjustment will do? For that, you need to understand that shocks work with both the up and down movements of the bike. If all pavement imperfections were bumps, shocks would focus on compression. But life on the road isn’t just a series of bumps. There are also potholes and other gaps and depressions that … Continue Reading

Eliminating Fork Dive with Progressive Suspension

Does this sound familiar: “I ride a big bike and it feels like my front end dives at every stop light.”

I’ve heard this complaint countless times and figured today’s as good a time as any to walk you through a fork dive event and detail a solution to correct it.

During initial braking, the shear girth of a big touring machine transfers forward and quickly overwhelms the factory suspension.  The result is what we know as fork dive or brake dive.  Although all motorcycles experience this to some degree, the sensation is particularly noticeable on touring rigs and is exacerbated by their weight.

So what’s the solution?  While the … Continue Reading

J&P Tech Tip: Suspension and Bike Fitment

Editor’s note: As of late, we’ve noticed that rider and bike fitment are hot topics, especially within the big V-Twin segment of the motorcycle marketplace. While fitment isn’t necessarily a new concept, it is one that deserves a fair amount of coverage, and who better to address it than someone from Progressive Suspension, a company that is entirely dedicated to creating innovative and high performance suspension products that directly enhance rider and bike fitment. With those thoughts in mind, please help us in welcoming Progressive Suspension’s David Zemla, who with today’s post will be a regular contributor here on the J&P blog.

Get in a typical car and … Continue Reading

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Two for Tuesday: Progressive Bagger Suspension and an Unbeatable Deal

In today’s Two for Tuesday post, we’re choosing to focus on a combination of products offered by Progressive Suspension (which just so happen to be offered at an exclusive price that’s only available from J&P Cycles).

It almost goes without saying that everyone wants a low and mean stance for their bagger. Whether you’re vertically challenged or just want to look cool, you probably face the same challenge: If you simply throw a lowering kit on your bike with stock shocks, the quality of your ride will suffer. (In other words, as soon as you load gear and your old lady on the back of your back, that scenic … Continue Reading