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Pass Down The Passion

Have you noticed at every bike rally, swap meet, bike show the crowd is getting older and older. The median age for your average motorcycle owner is 47, up from 32 in 1990, and up from 40 in 2009.  It is becoming rare to see anyone under 30 out on two wheels. Why are the [...]

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August 2011 Readers’ Rides Winner

Editor’s Note:  We’ve got some really good news for this month’s Readers’ Ride winner — as well as all future winners of this friendly competition. In addition to all the incredible notoriety and prestige you gain, we’re giving each winner a one-year membership in the J&P Gold Club.

Don’t have an award-winning ride? You can still join the club anytime you want, and here’s what you get when you do: Up to ten percent savings on discountable parts every day; up to 15 percent on sale days; a $15 coupon; free ground shipping on orders over $99.99; the ability to earn member points; and a free J&P Cycles tire … Continue Reading

July 2011 Readers’ Rides Winner

Editor’s Note: Our ride of the month for July belongs to a guy who never even owned a “real” motorcycle before this winning entry. Talk about starting from scratch! If he can win the big J&P prize, you should be able to do the same. Just send us a photo or three, along with some details about your ride, and we’ll take it under serious consideration. We’re also looking for readers who have some great video of their bikes. Just post your video to YouTube, then email the link to us at blogmemberservices [at] jpcycles [dot] com. We’ll do the rest.

This Bagger’s Just a Smidge Over the TopContinue Reading

June 2011 Readers’ Rides Winner

Editor’s Note: We know some of you are creatures of habit and hate change, but don’t go ballistic when you get to the end of this post and don’t find a list of parts that correspond with this prize ride. Truth of the matter is, this bike’s just a bit different. There are so many custom parts on this ride that we decided to forego the parts list this month. But we think you’ll get a kick reading about the customization that went into this 35-year-old Yamaha. Enjoy!

Customization to the Extreme

By: Bud Milza

Back in January, my fellow J&P blogger Lowell Anderson told you about the joys and … Continue Reading

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May 2011 Readers’ Rides Winner

Editor’s Note: We know it was tough waiting another full month to see our latest Readers’ Ride of the Month, but life is full of such annoying anticipations. Time’s up and herewith is our latest offering — a bike so fine it was chosen as this month’s winner by our judges, all of whom are J&P staffers. If you’ve got a particularly swell ride, send us a few photographs (in focus and at least 300 dpi is preferred). If your bike is deemed worthy enough, we’ll post it right here.

This month’s ride is a 1997 Harley-Davidson FLHR-I belonging to Joel Staruck of Schenevus, N.Y.  Nice Electra Glide, right? … Continue Reading

This Month’s Readers’ Rides Winner

Editor’s Note: What you’re about to read is the third installment of our online series, Readers Ride of the Month, which highlights what our judges term the most original-looking bike in the bunch for the April 2011. The judges (whom are J&P staffers, select the best bike from photographs submitted by you, the owners.. If you’re of the opinion that your ride is righteous, send us some pix — preferably in focus and at least 300 dpi. And by the way, for those of you who think it’d be nice to see a metric bike featured here once in awhile, we’d love to. But we’re not receiving anywhere near Continue Reading

Take a Look at Our Second Readers’ Rides Winner!

Editor’s Note: Here is the second installment of our new monthly online series called “Readers Rides of the Month,” spotlighting the best-looking bike selected from photographs submitted by you to our eagle-eyed J&P staffers. Shown here is the February 2011 winning entry, and you’ll discover why we favored this particular bike in the commentary below. If you think your ride should have its own special month in this spot, send us an in-focus, crisp photograph. And we want to thank all of you folks who submitted photos for consideration. There were a lot of great looking bikes in those photographs.

This month’s ride is a 1980 Harley-Davidson Wide Glide belonging … Continue Reading

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