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The Nicolas Rogers Memorial Run Scheduled Aug. 13 Near Peoria

This blog entry is very hard for me to write. It deals with the unexpected loss of a child — 11-year-old Nicolas Rogers — and it also deals with the loving gift of life that his parents passed on in his memory. I have a son about Nicolas’ age, and I would be devastated if anything were to happen to my boy. My heart reaches out for the Rogers family for their loss.

On June 22 of last year, Nicolas passed away following complications as the result of an acute asthma attack. A typical 11-year-old, Nicolas was full of energy and life. His father, Kay Rogers, said Nicolas loved motorcyclesContinue Reading

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Give A Second Chance At Life: Become An Organ Donor

That time of year is upon us – at least for those of us in the Midwest – time to get our motorcycle gear together and get out on the open road. As motorcyclists, we are aware of the danger that comes along with our hobby and because of our hobby, the chance of an accident taking place is greater. Most of us don’t think about what we would do if they unthinkable happened to us or family members, but we should.

Organ donation is such an important topic and one that I am extremely passionate about. In early August of last year, I received a lung transplant. The unselfish … Continue Reading