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10 Places to Ride During Sturgis Bike Week

  Sturgis Bike Week. From custom bikes to live music, little is left to the imagination. There are plenty of things to see and do in Sturgis during Bike Week. But the road offers so much more. Here are the ten places you won't want to miss out on while you're in South Dakota. Less [...]

5 Ways To Stay Cool While Riding Hot

  Some people ride in the heat by choice, some out of necessity. When it's a choice, a Sunday ride in triple-digit weather can be postponed. On the other hand, commuting and cross-country riding are not always weather dependent. Regardless of the circumstances, riding in the heat can be made more bearable.  Here are five [...]

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The Harley Brake Investigation

Average riders put more thought into louder pipes than the maintenance of their motorcycle braking system. Loud pipes save lives. We published a post  about this controversy not too long ago. True or not, one thing about loud pipes is certain – the Feds aren’t interested in pipes that aren’t loud enough. The Harley Brake [...]

Invest an Hour, Ride for Days

Everyone wants to spend as much time as possible on their ride, and summer is a prime riding season.  Even in the heat, there is nothing better than taking off for roads unknown, the local watering hole, or taking a different way home on your daily commute just to spend a bit more time on [...]

What Do Helmets Have To Do With Lane Splitting?

Courtesy Mercury News   Me: I think you guys in LA are crazy to lane split on these packed highways. Colleague: I think Texas bikers are crazy to not wear helmets. That was the beginning of an hour-long conversation, at the end of which we simply had to agree to disagree. And to [...]

Around the News – June 17 2016

Here are five things that appeared this week in the clutter of information overload that I found worthy of sharing with our readers: The Light Rider motorcycle will make you lighter in the wallet - Wired magazine CA moves one step closer to becoming the first state to legalize lane-splitting - Indian announced its return [...]

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Let It Rain?

"The best thing one can do when it's raining is to let it rain." ~ Henry Wadsworth Longfellow Riding a motorcycle in the rain takes more than a shrug of the shoulders and the acceptance to 'let it rain." Comfort and enjoyment go down (WAY down) and the risk skyrockets. As riders, there are a [...]

Novice J&P Blogger Shares a Motorcycling Memory

Editor’s Note: We’ve got a raft of good writers here at J&P Cycles who scribble off some pretty good blog posts on a regular basis. Many of these managers and employees not only know how to turn a wrench, they know how to describe to you how to turn a wrench.

Our blog has become the go-to place for those who have questions about their motorcycle or are looking for the latest means of boosting power, maintaining safety or blinging up your bike. So when Carla Elliott, our HR director, came up with the notion of giving everyone at J&P an opportunity to get in the act, our employees jumped Continue Reading

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Early Spring Commuting Does Have Its Drawbacks – But It’s Worth It

Climbing on my bike in the early weeks of spring is something I look forward to every year. It’s nice to get out and do some riding after a long winter of sitting around waiting for the weather to break. If you’re like me and you have a busy lifestyle, you might find yourself doing most of your two-wheel riding in your commute to and from work.

Unfortunately, the change to spring weather can bring a whole new set of problems to that morning ride. My day usually starts at 6 a.m., so when I get on the road, I find myself confronted by quite a few challenges. For one … Continue Reading

Stereotyping the Rider Isn’t Going to Get the Job Done

They say you can’t judge a book by its cover, and by the same token, you certainly can’t judge a biker by his ride. And since our primary goal here at J&P Cycles is to help ALL our customers, that ability to define what people want and need is a real challenge. It requires a unique skill set.

Fortunately, we’re staffed with experts in everything motorcycle and, considering the mix of customers that rely on us for service and advice, we do a damned good job. And part of the reason for that is we try to avoid stereotyping our customers based on the bikes they ride — not an … Continue Reading