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MIPS Helmets: Innovation In Energy Management

The intricate history of MIPS helmets with a review of their revolutionary design and testing procedures. We live in an interesting time with evolutionary designs like the concept behind MIPS helmets. In this day and age the evolution of technology is leading an explosion of advancements in the medical field. Public awareness of sports related [...]

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What Do Helmets Have To Do With Lane Splitting?

Courtesy Mercury News   Me: I think you guys in LA are crazy to lane split on these packed highways. Colleague: I think Texas bikers are crazy to not wear helmets. That was the beginning of an hour-long conversation, at the end of which we simply had to agree to disagree. And to [...]

Helmet Laws Rear Their Heads Again

Helmet laws are in the news again, with The National Transportation and Safety Board (NTSB) making a concerted push for states to enact tougher legislation regarding mandatory use of helmets by the motorcycle-riding public. Currently 47 states have some form of helmet law, with Iowa, Illinois and New Hampshire the only states with no law regarding helmet use.

Figures compiled by the NTSB show the number of motorcycle fatalities doubled between 1997 and 2008. Such deaths declined in 2009, but even that year’s 4,400 deaths are unacceptable, especially when it surpassed the combined deaths of our nation’s rail, marine and pipeline mishaps.

Motorcycles make up only 3 percent of the … Continue Reading

The ‘Heads Up’ on Purchasing a New Motorcycle Helmet

Buying a motorcycle helmet is such a personal decision, and that’s mostly because there are so many factors toconsider before making a commitment. Just google the words “motorcycle helmets” and you’ll be presented with more than two million search results. That’s pretty overwhelming — so many shapes and sizes, so many styles, so many colors, [...]