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Pass Down The Passion

Have you noticed at every bike rally, swap meet, bike show the crowd is getting older and older. The median age for your average motorcycle owner is 47, up from 32 in 1990, and up from 40 in 2009.  It is becoming rare to see anyone under 30 out on two wheels. Why are the [...]

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Let It Rain?

"The best thing one can do when it's raining is to let it rain." ~ Henry Wadsworth Longfellow Riding a motorcycle in the rain takes more than a shrug of the shoulders and the acceptance to 'let it rain." Comfort and enjoyment go down (WAY down) and the risk skyrockets. As riders, there are a [...]

J&P Cycles Daytona Beach Bike Week Update Part 2

As the week rolls on, the temperatures have risen and the crowds have thickened. The final hoorah of Daytona Bike Week is about to commence with the final weekend upon us. The 75th anniversary has brought crowds larger than ever to the shores of Daytona Beach and we are excited to bring you this update [...]

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Meet the Team: J&P Cycles Tech Specialist, Don Sasko

Chances are, you’ve spoken to him on the phone. Maybe he sold you a new leather motorcycle jacket. Or a new open belt primary. He may have given you some spot-on advice about the installation of your new Performance Machine wheels. Or he could have been the guy who helped you diagnose why your FXR is running in reverse only (Yeah, it happened).

We’re talking about Don Sasko here, head of our tech specialist program at J&P. Don works out of our Destination Daytona-based call center in Florida. He dishes out advice on everything motorcycle, not only to our customers, but also to his fellow call center crew … Continue Reading

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A Motorcycle to Stir My Soul

Chances are that if you’re reading this blog post, you’re deep into bikes. And as a person who is into bikes, you know as well as I that motorcycles move the body, but stir the soul. Each of us has a bike or bikes that do that for us.

There’s just something about the way it feels, looks, sounds or smells that gets the pulse racing and the synapses firing. Maybe it’s the bike you’re now riding that offers you the freedom you could never get from the family truckster. It could have been the bike you took you first ride on, hanging on for dear life. In the case … Continue Reading

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Motorcycle Madness — It’s Often a Hereditary Thing

If loving motorcycles — and Harley’s in particular — is a hereditary trait, I guess you could say I came by my infatuation honestly. My dad was a mechanic and I grew up surrounded by disassembled machines, frames hanging from the garage ceiling and the intoxicating aroma of half-filled oil pans. My dad had bikes around our property before I was born, and he actually dabbled with open wheel racing with the United States Auto Club.

Dad never owned a bike when I was growing up, but back in the early ’70s, at the impressionable age of 14, he helped me pick out a 1968 Montgomery Wards Riverside 250 Street … Continue Reading

Novice J&P Blogger Shares a Motorcycling Memory

Editor’s Note: We’ve got a raft of good writers here at J&P Cycles who scribble off some pretty good blog posts on a regular basis. Many of these managers and employees not only know how to turn a wrench, they know how to describe to you how to turn a wrench.

Our blog has become the go-to place for those who have questions about their motorcycle or are looking for the latest means of boosting power, maintaining safety or blinging up your bike. So when Carla Elliott, our HR director, came up with the notion of giving everyone at J&P an opportunity to get in the act, our employees jumped Continue Reading

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Meet The Team: Jason Hayes, J&P Cycles Product Specialist

Jason Hayes loves the thrill of the ride. Doesn’t matter whether it’s tearing down a black diamond on his snowboard in the Adirondack Mountains, taking a dog-sled team up a steep pass in the Rockies, or flying over twisty roads on his GSRX 1000.

There’s just not a whole lot of extreme sports that Jason won’t attempt at least once. In fact, it was his love for the outdoors that sparked his passion for motorcycles.

Jason received a motorcycle technician’s degree with a specialty in Asian bikes from Wyotech in 2008. And along with the diploma came some pretty impressive technical honors.

He’s always been a rider in the … Continue Reading

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J&P Employees Celebrate Service Anniversaries

Service awards were presented at a pair of J&P events last month, honoring our employees for their contributions to J&P Cycles’ success over the years.

In Iowa, where we’re headquartered, our own Doug Feldman, J&P database analyst, hosted the event. Doug presented Curt Foust and Kandy Pflughaupt with awards for 15 years of service.

Ten-year service awards for Iowa employees went to Scott Holton, Jen Keedy, Darry Scheper, Sandra Meyer, Kelvin Fisher, Edith Lubben, Becky Mull, Mike Talboom, Terri Dugan, Teresa Bartels and Shawn Stone.

An additional 15 more Iowa employees were recognized for five years of service, including Jessie Bries, Chris Burnett, Cindy Coyle, Jessica Dirks, Sharri Fillinger, Louis … Continue Reading

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Meet the Team: Bud Milza, J&P Cycles E-Tech

Bud Milza joined our Florida call center team in April of 2007 and the timing couldn’t have been more perfect. By the time Bud plugged in his PC, our web business took off, followed shortly after that by a big jump in the number of customers emailing us with tech questions.

The time had come to designate a tech to handle this correspondence and Bud stood up and said, I’m your man, thus filling our very first e-tech position. Since then, this veteran biker has played a key role in expanding J&P Cycles’ e-services to better serve our online customers. But don’t take our word for it… Meet Bud:

J&P Continue Reading

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