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Rivera PrimoBack in February, when we wrote about our trip out to Cincinnati for V-Twin Expo, we told you about a revolutionary new set of brake rotors and pads from Rivera Primo called Metal Matrix Extreme, which quite frankly are unlike anything we’ve ever seen before.

Rivera  Primo Metal Matrix ExtremeNow in stock and available via our website (J&P Part Number 241-813 and J&P Part Number 241-812), these rotors offer a reduction in weight of up to 60 percent over stock stainless steel rotors, which means once installed, your bike will have less rotating mass, which in turn (no pun intended) means it takes less horsepower to move your bike. More force (i.e., horsepower) is required to accelerate, let’s say 5lbs on a wheel or rotor than the same 5lbs on a static location like the frame.

The Metal Matrix Extreme also makes your bike a better handling and  more nimble machine. Think of it like this: If you held your motorcycle’s front axle between your hands and made the wheel spin at 50 MPH and tried to lean the wheel to the left or right, you’d feel serious resistance, right? Now think about trying the same thing but with a 10-speed bicycle wheel instead… it’d be much easier to lean a bicycle’s spinning wheel to the left and right due to the reduction in rotating mass, right? Well, that’s the same benefit you experience when adding a significantly lighter rotor like the Metal Matrix Extreme to your motorcycle; the result of which is a better handling bike.

The second advantage the Metal Matrix Extreme offers is the ability of the rotors to shed heat. As everyone knows by now, heat is an enemy of motorcycle brakes. By shedding heat, the rotor will resist warping and you wont experience the dreaded “brake fade.” The result: more stopping power.

But don’t take our word for it; check out what Ben from Rivera Primo has to say in this video, shot by J&P a few weeks ago while we were out in Cincinnati for V-Twin Expo.

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