Seems like all I see nowadays are chromed-out baggers and stretched-out customs with tires so big it takes a parking lot and a 40-point turn to get them turned around. But the old school isn’t dead just yet. Let’s face it, Shovelheads are cool, and sometimes there just aren’t enough good parts available for the old school bikes. I know you hard-core guys are out there riding the wheels off these badass old bikes, and we here at J&P are doing our best to keep parts available for all those Knuckles, Pans and Shovels that are still out there on the road today.

One thing I hear consistently on my travels to bike events is “Hey, you guys don’t have enough stuff for Shovelheads.” Never fear. The folks at J&P Cycles are diligently and constantly on the lookout for cool Shovelhead parts. And what better place to get cool parts than S&S Cycle, a name that’s been synonymous with performance in the motorcycle industry since George Smith first started producing “go fast” parts in his basement back in 1958. The standard of performance, dependability and value continues to this day with these Sidewinder kits for your Shovelhead. These kits offer a variety of ways to turn your old Shovel into a fire-breathing Twin Cam-eating beast!

The Sidewinder top-end kit allows owners of 80-inch Shovelhead motors to convert to 88 cubic inches using their stock flywheels. The rest of the kits offer sizes of 93, 96, 98, and a whopping 103 inches, and each kit (with the exception of the 103-inch) is available with a choice of two compression ratios depending on how you want to set up your motor. Complete Sidewinder kits contain dynamically balanced flywheel assembly, including rods, main shafts, cylinders, pistons and adjustable push rods, ready to install with head and base gaskets. The engineering-grade cast-iron cylinders are exceptionally strong and wear resistant due to the increased section thickness in critical areas. Combine that with heat-treated forged flywheels and connecting rods and you get legendary strength and reliability.

So whether you’re a hard-core old school guy or girl or just have an old Shovelhead in your garage begging to be restored, breathe some life into the motor with some of the best performance parts money can buy. You’ll be showing Twin Cams and Evo’s the back end of that old Shovel in no time.