S&S Four Stage Bagger Build: The Beginning [VIDEO]

//S&S Four Stage Bagger Build: The Beginning [VIDEO]

S&S Four Stage Bagger Build: The Beginning [VIDEO]

Over the next few weeks, we’ll be following along with Steve Johnson, president and COO of Tucker Rocky and Bikers Choice, as he takes his 2010 Road Glide to S&S Cycle for the royal treatment. S&S will be doing a four-stage build and documenting each step on video — complete with before and after dyno runs, walking you through each installation right down to tool selection.

Joining Steve Johnson in this first video is George Smith, executive chairman and CEO of S&S. Smith’s suggestion to viewers is to take your time on this upgrade. “Get up to speed at your own speed”.

He describes upcoming videos that enable builders to increase performance in their bikes in affordable steps, beginning with installing slip-on mufflers and intake that will results in an 8 to 10hp increase.

The second step is taking on the cams and pushrods, with a potential 15 HP increase; adding a big-bore top end kit (another 20 to 25hp hike); and CNC port your stock cylinder head, which Smith said is an economical alternative to replacement heads. He claims a set of CNC-ported heads on a 106 engine will produce around 40hp more than the stock engine you started with.

Check out the video as Johnson and Smith lay out their plans for the bagger.http://youtu.be/YjUg_y-bYNM

Stage 1:

Follow along with Justin Bramstedt of S&S as he walks you through stage 1.The installation of two different air cleaner options and an exhaust for Steve Johnson’s Road Glide. And before and after dyno runs documenting horsepower increase. Stay tuned for next week, cams and pushrods!

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