Spring Prep in December – Be Ahead of the Game

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Spring Prep in December – Be Ahead of the Game

It’s that time of year every biker hates, time to put the bike away for its long winter hibernation.

Take some time now to prepare your bike for its winter sleep. Save yourself some headaches and money in the spring by following these key tips and tricks this season.

  1. Wash your bike now, pick up a motorcycle cleaner kit to get all of the road grime and dead bugs off before they turn to concrete and leave spots in your clear coat.
  2. Check your tires and fill them up to the max recommended pressure. This will prevent the tire from getting a flat spot. If your bike has a center stand use it to keep the weight off your tires.
  3. Check all of your fluids and top them off as needed. If you have a water cooled bike make sure to test your coolant. You do not want moisture building up in your master cylinders so be sure to check your brake and clutch fluid also.
  4. Top off your gas tank and add a fuel stabilizer, make sure you run the bike long enough to get the stabilizer through your fuel system.
  5. Plug your battery into a battery tender, they are inexpensive and will save you from having to buy a new battery in the spring.
  6. Put a cover on your bike, not only will it keep off the dust off but it will also keep your bike from getting scratched and dinged.

Doing these things now will ensure that when the snow finally stops falling your bike will be good to go so you can get out and ride.

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