Speed Foundry Success Plan: Start Cowgirl Ugly & End Up Custom

//Speed Foundry Success Plan: Start Cowgirl Ugly & End Up Custom

Speed Foundry Success Plan: Start Cowgirl Ugly & End Up Custom

Kyle Shorey of Speed Foundry had a plan…

To find the ugliest looking used Softail and make it cool. Can it be done easily? Does Kyle have a plan?


Well, I had to find out so the day before the 2016 Dallas edition of the J&P Ultimate Builder Custom Bike Show I headed out to his shop at the Northwest Regional Airport in Roanoke, Texas. It was a cold and overcast day in North Texas and the hangar that Speed Foundry resides in offered little shelter from wind whipping in from the North.

Speedfoundry-shop-at airport2

I rolled in to hear about Pinkie, a 1991 bitter and twisted Softail Standard with just 9000 miles. The bike featured a pink, baby blue, and pearl white paint scheme. And the cherry on top was an all-white alligator white pleated seat. Kyle said that the bike was so ugly that he had to ride it around a bit just for the comedy of it.

Once Pinkie arrived at the Speed Foundry shop it became a test bed for all of Kyle’s creative ideas. He disassembled everything except the frame and drivetrain.


Kyle designed a rear fender kit that is attached to the rear swing arm and curved fender struts that are connected to the axle. He found a late model 2000 – 2007 swing arm to accommodate a 200 tire. To keep the alignment correct he set up a chain drive. The rear wheel is off a late model Fatboy solid rear wheel.



He removed the saddle and fabricated a new seat pan for a spring seat. He then fabricated a frame cover to hide the electrics.


Next up was the tank. He split the stock 3.25 gallon gas tank and narrowed it 2.5 inches. He then added a set of Sportser bars. The FL front end was lowered 2 inches. He powder coated everything gloss black.


The front wheel is a spoke 23″ by Ridewright Wheels. Speed Foundry also supplied grips, foot pegs shifter and brake pedals. The custom transformation took about a week.


He received so much positive feedback on his build that he decided to create a fender, seat and tank kit. With just a few hand tools and a couple of hours a guy can transform a Softail bike into a custom sled. Mission Accomplished – Shorey has created an excellent weekend project. And Pinkie is now a very cool and unique sled.



After I arrived at the shop and we started talking about Shorey’s build I noticed Pat Jansen, aka Progressive Pat, stumbling out of the bus that was stowed in the side of the shop. Pat had flown in the night before and was checking out Speed Foundry and then he planned on stopping in to see a few builders in the area.


Speed Foundry is like a mini mall for bikes and parts as the hangar is subdivided into other shops.


As I was finishing up with Kyle I heard a door slam. Bob Kay, Biker Pros Partner and AIM Expo V-Twin Director, had joined the party. We all decided to go for lunch and ended up at a Cowboy bar. A little time later a big-hair beauty, Deidra Shorey, joined us. Kyle leaned over and said something I couldn’t quite make out and he received an elbow to the shoulder that slid up to his chops. It looks like relationships in Texas are a contact sport.

Just as we were finishing lunch Matt Mondeck joined us. Matt is the on-site management for the Progressive portion of the International Motorcycle Show. He stopped in to pick up Pat because the two were on a quest to go Bull riding that afternoon. I don’t know if these two city slickers were successful in their mission for a 3,000 pound ride on a bucking bull but they looked rough come Friday morning as they limped in with red and puffy eyes. That usually means that some abuse with Jack Daniels had transpired…


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