Show Your Support and Stop the Ban

Back in December we posted an article about the ongoing fight to end the ban on youth ATV’s and motorcycles. After two years of efforts by dealers and enthusiast Congress has taken notice. Tomorrow the House of Representatives Subcommittee On Commerce, Manufacturing and Trade will have a hearing to review the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act, otherwise known as the “Lead law”. The MIC has submitted a letter to direct attention to the unintended ban on youth ATV’s and motorcycles that has resulted from the CPSIA lead content provision.

MIC issued a video prodding motorcyclists to show their support and make a push for Congress to amend the CPSIA and remove the ban permanently. With the buzz around the Dealer Expo in Indianapolis this weekend this is a perfect opportunity to come together and show your support. You can use the portal on to send a message to your Congress representative voicing your opinion.

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  1. Vernon Weaver March 8, 2011 at 12:34 pm

    Get the hell out of our lives!!! Stop the ban!!!
    LESS Government= BETTER government!!!

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