September Readers’ Rides Winner

//September Readers’ Rides Winner

September Readers’ Rides Winner

Editor’s Note: Before we formally introduce our September winner — and that would be Mario Delgado of Milwaukee, Wis. — we should tell you that he and all future Readers’ Rides winners get a one-year membership in our J&P Gold Club. And that’s on top of just the incredible honor of the whole thing. So double congrats, Mario!

And for you folks who don’t happen to possess an award-winning bike, no problemo, because you’re still entitled to join the club any time you want. J&P Gold Club winners get up to 10 percent savings on discountable parts each day. They get up to 15 percent off on sales days. Members also qualify for a $15 coupon, free ground shipping on orders of more than $99.99, and the ability to earn member points. Plus, new members get a free J&P Cycles tire pressure gauge tossed in for good measure. To apply, visit

This month’s winning ride is a 1994 Harley-Davidson FXDL belonging to the above-mentioned Mario Delgado. Mario is recovering from a broken ankle right now so we wish him a speedy recovery — hopefully in time to catch the tail end of the riding season. Again, congratulations, Mario and we hope you enjoy reaping the benefits of your new Gold Club membership!  Here is what our gimpy friend has to say about his slick Low Rider.

In his own words… Saving Up for My Dream Ride

As the third owner of this bike, I can’t take much credit for putting it together. But I can tell you that I often day-dreamed that my first Harley would look just about like this one. Before I could even afford a Harley I would browse the ’net looking for an ideal bike within my budget. Then in the spring of 2010 I came across this bike on craigslist and I told my girlfriend, “I want this bike!” We both laughed it off because we knew we had no money at the time, and no money appearing on the horizon, either.

The bike was listed for $11,000 and not too many people just fall into that kind of money. So, I held onto the pictures of the bike and the guy’s number, hoping that some how I’d come up with enough cash to at least begin the bargaining process. Long story short, my girlfriend and I saved up enough over the next eight months — largely thanks to our tax returns — to have something to begin negotiations.

Of course I had no idea if the bike was still available, because it’d been nearly a year since I saw the ad. In the meantime, I’d looked into financing a bike and checked out other private sales. But the thought of owning this particular bike kept popping up in my head. Finally, I shot the guy a text message — out of the blue and in the middle of winter — to see if the bike was for sale. As fate would have it, he still had the motorcycle. On top of that, he gave me a killer deal! (Can’t thank you enough, James!) About a month after my first text, I picked this bad boy up. I’m thinking it was one of those meant to be situations — meaning it was meant to be my bike!

Having spent every dime I had to buy my Dyna, I had nothing left to spend on customizing my prize. But the only things I’m looking to change are the bars, forward controls and a few other smaller details to make it “my own.” One of my top picks so far is the Paul Yaffe monkey bars. Other than that, I’m satisfied. From time to time, the old lady complains about not having a backrest, or much of a passenger seat at all for that matter. But she’s real trooper and looks gorgeous on the back! Bottom line is the bike looks great, runs great, sounds incredible, has low miles and is pretty fast!

The head work and Screaming Eagle cam were done at Uke’s Harley in Kenosha, Wis., when it was originally purchased. The bike has been painted twice and the job on it now is Midnight Black with’94 Lexus Green Flames. Just about everything else you might like was done by Fred of Chop’s Customs in Kenosha. He did a great job.

I’d like to thank you guys at J&P Cycles for showing your interest in my bike. I am truly honored that selected my ride!  One minute I’m lying in bed singing the blues about my broken ankle and being done early with the riding season. The next minute I’m hearing the good news from you guys. You can bet I’ll be buying all my new parts from J&P! I’ll keep you guys updated with pictures from time to time as I make changes to my ride. Take care and ride hard, people!

SPECIFICATIONS – Mario Delgado’s Winning Entry


Year: 1994

Make: Harley-Davidson

Model: FXDL Dyna Low Rider


Year: 1994

Make: H-D

Model/Size: Evolution 1340

Cases: H-D

Flywheels: H-D

Cams: Screamin’ Eagle

Cylinders: H-D

Pistons: H-D

Heads: H-D Ported

Valve Spring Kit: S&S

Pushrods: S&S

Carb: S&S

Air Cleaner: S&S

Exhaust: Custom

Ignition: Screamin’ Eagle


Year: 1994

Make: H-D

Type: 5-Speed


Make: H-D

Clutch: Barnett


Year: 1994

Make: H-D

Type: Swingarm

Rake: Stock

Stretch: Stock


Type: Wide Glide

Triple Trees: Perse

Fork Tubes: Pro-1


Shocks: Progressive Suspension


Wheel Make/Size: Pro-One 21-inch x 2.15-inch

Tire Make/Size: Avon Venom 90/90-21-inch

Rotor: H-D

Caliper/s: Performance Machine


Wheel Make/Size: Pro-One 16-inch x 3.5-inch

Tire Make/Size: Avon Venom 140/90-16-inch

Rotor: H-D

Caliper: Performance Machine


Handlebars: Flanders

Hand Controls: J&P Cycles

Cables: Barnett

Brake Lines: Goodridge

Grips: Arlen Ness

Foot Controls: H-D

Pegs: Arlen Ness

Fenders: H-D

Gas Tank: H-D

Headlight: Headwinds

Taillight: Paul Yaffe

Seat(s): Le Pera / Predator

Derby Cover: Arlen Ness

Points Cover: Arlen Ness

Coil Cover: J&P Cycles

Battery Cover: J&P Cycles

Battery Top Cover: J&P Cycles

Editor’s Note: If you’re like Mario and you’ve got a great bike that’s just screaming out for attention, snap some pix and write out a description and send both to us here at J&P. We’re also interested in hearing from J&P fans who happen to have some great video of their bikes. Just post your video to YouTube, then email the link to us at blogmemberservices [at] jpcycles [dot] com.

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